Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You've never played fast hotdog?

Meet Annalee. She married Ben.

Me and Ben go waaaaay back. Like to forever ago. You see he is my cousin, very close in age and growing up his family lived seven houses down from us.

I have fond memories of my dad playing fast hotdog with him.

{ completely off subject }

Doesn't this look like a page out of a childrens book?

Still working on my textures :)

back to my fond memories...

I also remember him gobbling up the rice pudding whilst proclaiming his utter dislike for it...

It really wasn't that good you know. it consisted of cooked rice mixed with milk and sugar and cinnamon, maybe a dash of nutmeg. When you're a kid I think you pretty much eat sugar however it comes to you. Am I right?

I know my kids eat it straight out of the canister! It doesn't even taste good like that!

I think he turned out pretty good considering I did hit him in the head with a hammer! Yes I do feel bad about that but in my defense I was like 5, and he probably deserved it. j.k. (sort of)

awwww so sweet :)

What an awesome family! Thanks for letting me and my camera hang out with you that one lovely spring day!