Friday, April 29, 2011

show me your moves, I know you got em

I was online shopping with lucy at Jcrew kids this morning trying to figure out what on earth that kid wants to wear.

Everyday she asks me where the clean clothes are. and everyday I say in your closet

which is about the time she collapses on the floor in a heap of whiney letting me know exactly how she feels about the clothes in there


I swear. everybloodyday.

So I'm clicking around on some silly looking get-ups.

she hates them all.

and then we get to these...

What about these?

no. those are curtains.

well atleast we know she doesn't want to wear curtains :)


note: She actually does have two dresses she likes to wear. and she would happily wear those two dresses every day till she's too big for them, except that I occasionally hide them because I'm mean but more because I get sick of seeing her in the same outfit every day when I can assure you her closet is brimming with pretty things to choose from.

Monday, April 25, 2011

pastels + sugarcoated chickens

or in other words


I'm such a dummy. I ran flat out of time on Easter this year. It was just so busy. Didn't get any candid shots of the kids enjoying their easter goods.

but I did get a couple stand over here and look pretty ones :)

They all sat their with their fierce looks for a minute and I was like uhhh whats wrong? It's Easter be happy! Oh yeah, and you're allowed to smile for these :)

haha they've gotten so used to me shooting for school projects that they forgot they can occasionally smile for the camera.

As soon as we got home from church they asked... did the easter bunny hide our eggs yet??

Not yet.

and then again before we went to grandma's house... Did the easter bunny come back yet?

nope, not yet.

And then when We got home from grandma's house... now? Will the easter bunny ever come back to hide our eggs??

*looks at fake watch on arm* I don't know it kinda late... go get ready for bed.

But then at 9:11 pm it finally happened for them! The easter bunny had come and it was a egg hunt by lantern light.

Do we have the best easter bunny or what?!

note: clearly our easter bunny is in cahoots with our tooth fairy, neither one seems to be very prompt.

Friday, April 15, 2011

6x7 times the fun

I got myself a new weapon for self defense...

yeah I know... you can't tell from the photo how massive this baby is but believe me when I say this camera is taking you down like a ninja.

think about it for a second. The pentaprism says ASAHI on it.

Say it out loud... ASAHI

Did you picture a ninja when you heard it aloud? Yes, I thought so.

Maybe next time I will plant my mug behind it so you can see how humongous it is. The camera, not my mug :)

I've shot 2 rolls so far. I get 10 exposures per roll and the negatives are a thing of true beauty. big. like the camera.

I decided the first shot should be a really ugly photo of myself. It was a brilliant plan.

... till I saw the photo.

I was unprepared for the ugly I beheld. Ha. Not such a brilliant plan after all.

There are very few photos I bother to give a title to. This one I fondly refer to as 'Ugly Me'

I love hate it.

Hate it because I really do look like that sometimes. Love it because I really do look like that sometimes.

I was talking to my teacher about photographing ones self and he brought up an interesting point that I hadn't previously thought of. It was the notion that people have a perception of them self and a certain way they want to be presented. perhaps the problem I have photoing myself is that I see myself as 'me' too much and not just a subject to work with. And I know he's right because I feel very uncomfortable when I look at this photo of myself.

That is something I will surely struggle with forever. How can I not?

Would you like to see something a little prettier now?

yes, lets.

I love that face.

This next image came from my last assignment. I was using the nikon to meter for the Pentax. I don't quite trust the meter on the Pentax yet. I have this one on film as well :-)

This assignment was quite interesting. We chose a poem and tied our images to it. Perhaps I will share what came of it when I get it back.

Other things you should probably know...

Today I climbed my grapefruit tree. Got the ones off the top. YUM.

also, set the smoke alarm off. Which makes Lucys legs shake, like when she sees a big dog. Is she afraid of dogs? Well I am so that would make sense I guess.

nighty night.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's play

you might be a photographer if...

ok begin.

You might be a photographer if you've ever stepped out mid shower to grab your camera...

k, now you go.

or if you'd rather you and a friend can reenact this mornings dialogue between me and Lu.

will be good times I tell ya.

(she/he who plays Lu must use a most pathetically tragic voice. She/he who plays me can use any voice but an Australian accent would be the preferred choice)

L: I need a drink of water, I feel like I might barf.

J: Are you going to be ok? Should I take you to the hospital?

L: I don't know. I've never had a paper cut before, I might have to get surgery or stitches.

J: I really don't think so. Would you like some toast?

L: I can't eat toast, thats the hand I eat with.

(sipping her water she uses all her fingers to grip except the one tragic finger, which of course sticks straight up.)

L: will this top of my finger fall off?

... insert defeated stares and blinks here ...

J: I'm quite positive it will.

:) see. good times, as promised.