Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tho cold and rainy she insisted on the "butterfly dress"

She dressed herself. Well in everything except the big blue cast. The doctor dressed her in that.

She fell off my bed Saturday night. You would never think a 3 foot drop onto carpet could result in such disaster. Apparently it can. After listening to the doctors explanation of what might have happened if she landed on her wrist instead of her elbow I guess I can only feel thankful. No hospital visits. No putting a baby under. No resetting. No pins...

yes very thankful!!

I was surprised she picked blue though.

blue? ... You're sure? ... not pink?

I suppose its good to switch it up since her last cast was pink. Yes, you heard me right. Broken arm #2, the first being when she was 7 months old.

Not very cat-like if you ask me :)

except for the cuddly part.

Mr. Sun,

If you're listening. Please come out and stay for a while. Cold and rainy just isn't my thing. I miss you desperately!