Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sydnee + Tony

Oh my goodness! This was awesome.

Let me just say that I got the call to do this wedding on very short notice. (3 days or so?) I had to move some of my photoshoots around but I was so excited! I don't get asked to do brides very often so this was like a super tasty treat for me. In fact I've only done one other ever.

I love that this was their actual wedding day.

and what fun would a wedding shoot be without a little complication to go with? When we got to our location there was zero parking. And I mean anywhere! We parked at the CVS about a half mile away. I don't mind, it added a little spice to our shoot.

If not for that, we never would have found this rad door.

Do you love it? oh I do. I love it.

I don't think she had official bridesmaids but she did have some adorable sisters :) They were so cute they would sit on the grass and read or text. I'm not actually sure what they were doing but it looked like a scene I've imagined before when I'm dreaming of Central Park. Oh how i want to go there someday.

I had to talk this scene up a little. They were skeptical. HAHA. It's fun to be the photographer. You can get people to do all kinds of crazy things.

how bout you hop up on that there water fountain and drag your new wife as you run along the ledge...

I'm almost 97% sure they thought i was kidding.

It was such a beautiful day. The sun was lovely as ever.

I adore this last one. Thank you Sydnee and Tony for being so trusting and such good sports about some of the unforeseen circumstances that arose. Wish you pure bliss forevermore!