Thursday, May 28, 2009

CASE NO. 274

just a little idea how my day is going.

It's going to be a very VERY long summer.

In cases like this there's really only one option...

Oh boy.

please note - starting again tomorrow will not re-grow hair.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

and the winner is...

Oh my....

this is so late, I know!

i don't have video, just photos but I tried to take them fast and close together so it {appears} movie like

*twink twink*

without further ado...

Thanks for not sending hate mail over the delay in getting this posted :)

It's just that we had some visitors.

Haven't seen Tara in years, but she agreed to come be my fairness witness for the drawing today. ok truth is we have girls similar in age and we wanted to see if we could start up some friendships that could blossom into something quite lovely over the years.

I think it went well!

Thanks for coming over today Tara, it was fun to see you.

Oh and Tawna...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

two girls, a dolly, and a lolli... as promised.

Let me begin by saying there are way too many photos in this post. It's true. but frankly there are a few more I would have like to put in. I'm trying to spare you from photo-overload. You're welcome :)

We've been having some cloudy days. Which is nice since it's been an extremly hot May. It provided us with the chance to get out and take some photos.

This one is going to be blown up and put on canvas... because I love it.

So we had ourselves a little tea party. Just a girl and her dolly... and of course a lolli.

and then along came a friend!

This is Sadie. Our darling little neighbor friend.

Horray for friends! Aren't they just too cute together??

Sorry Katie, for keeping you on pins and needles so long... that was not my intention, it's just that there were all these hotdogs I had to eat yesterday, and grape sodas to drink. Had to be done, but I'm over it now.

Yes we had a lovely Memorial day. We relaxed by the pool with our hotdogs, popsicles, cake, icecream bars, and sodas. It was not a healthy day. We may need our stomaches pumped...

Oh and we did finally join the 21st century and buy a big ol plasma T.V.

Not my first choice to spent $1500 on but Chads a people too... and probably I'm not gonna be able to keep up my goodwill chair buying escapade if I don't throw Chad a bone every so often. This is a big bone... he should be gnawing on it for quite sometime right?

Oh and I think I forgot to mention that Chad did not get laid off. Such a relief :)

Sadie's toes...

Oh yes... back to the tea party... no tea of course.

I got this awesome headband at a bohemian market I stopped at after a photoshoot I did a couple Saturdays ago in downtown Mesa. I happened upon it and am I ever glad I did! And also Im glad I was paid in cash for the photoshoot. Perhaps Emily would be surprised to know not even one whole hour after the shoot I had exactly ONE DOLLAR left in my pocket... it was awesome. I call that a success!

You can find the girl that made the headband here, at Laurel Lane Designs.

Lucy... i love you... and your hair. I love your hair...

And Sadie... thanks for coming to our tea party. You were a delight...

oh my gosh Lu... you're amazing.

and wonderful...

And I feel bad because I think the dolly got jipped a little. So here she is...

in all of her whimsical glory :)

Oh and don't forget that tomorrow the winner of the dress will be chosen! I'm pretty excited!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's a sucker... you lick it. Or bite it. whatever

Ok Lu, I'm gonna give you this yummy sucker... and you're gonna look super cute giving it dainty little licks while you smile and look adorable ok? Do we understand?

Look cute, lick sucker...

K actually no biting it. Just licks, ok?

Um... maybe like a little more dainty lick please.

You're biting aren't you?

It's ok. It's ok. We can still make this work.

Try the lick thing again.

K remember we're trying to lick like a dainty little lady. Lets try again...


Seriously?? ... K nevermind just feed it to your doll. Whatever.

{ Just a little something to keep myself... or you, entertained while I finish up the editing on the rest of the photos! }

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is that not precious?

It's only 11:30.

I can't even see straight.

so even though i had all these big plans to post tonight...

alas I shall sleep tonight instead.

Check back later for more on the above topic. { two little girls, a dolly and a lolli }

Mucho love,

p.s.~ did I tell you how I woke up to Lucy eating a pound of cheddar on my tomato colored chair this morning? She is now the proud owner of a linty block of cheese! Oh yes, it was quite the rude awakening...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dress giveaway

The stars must have aligned because I found it and I have time to blog it.


So here it is...

the dress { click the link to see more photos }

Handmade with love... by yours truly!

Up for grabs!!

So here's the deal...

to enter just leave a comment on this post.

of course there's a catch! This giveaway is only available to current blog followers/commenters!

that means if you follow or have ever in the existence of this blog commented on any of my posts you're eligible!!

But wait there's more! Want to be entered twice? Just add yourself as a follower and your name x2 will go in the hat! If you're already a follower then just leave a comment and your automatically entered twice :)

Want to be entered three times? Be the first to comment! (Sorry guys there can only be one first)

Why only open this giveaway up to current readers? That easy... I want someone I know to win it! Even if I only blog know you or met you for a brief moment at a vintage art fair... doesn't matter. I love you all!

I have so enjoyed getting all your sweet comments. I just want to give back a little :)

{Nitty gritty details}

This dress is size 2T.

I made it from a Tina Givens pattern { The Little Goddess Dress} with Tina Givens fabric {chloe's imagination- cocoa}

This is a cotton dress, which means after washing it will need ironing! Please be kind to this dress if you are the winner. I wash this on delicate and hang it to dry followed by a little ironing.

This contest is for the dress only! The shirt and shoes came from Janie and Jack. And this dress does need a shirt with it. IMO.

I will leave this open for one week. Next Wednesday Lucy will assist in the drawing of a name. Yes I am old school. no random computer name choosers for me!

Good Luck!

did I miss anything?? let me know so I can clear it up for you :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

inside out and sideways... every single time!

Oh yes. It's official...

We are officially potty training Lucy.

I hate potty training.

Not much to complain about this time around though. She just wont do poopies in the toilet. She holds all that in for when i put a diaper on her for naps and bedtime. Yesterday I left her in her undies for nap in hopes that she would poopie in the toilet after nap.

She held it ALL DAY.

Now that can't be good for a little body.

Of course she takes advantage of the fact that I'm no early bird, and poopies in her diaper this morning before I wake.

Alas one more poopie diaper to change. When will it end.

Here, go throw this in the garbage...

No way! I dont want to touch it!

You were just wearing it!?!

no touch it!

So let me get this straight... you don't touch poo diapers, but you do wear them around for hours??

Very interesting...

Atleast she knows how to get her undies on straight!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I dream in architecture

This morning I was reading in my Phoenix Home and Garden magazine I got in the mail yesterday.

This is last months by the way. But I love this magazine. It is brimmin with beauty. I think even if I didn't live in the Phoenix area I would still subscribe.

But anyway it reminded me of last night when i was telling Mia that i dream in architecture. And what i mean by that is I literally, in my sleep {DREAM} of the most lovely structures I've never seen in my life. Never meaning, not something I've actually seen outside my dreams.

I mentioned to her that perhaps I was an architect in a past life... but wait, I don't believe in past lives. Or wait, do I? Maybe i do. Not reincarnation... no. Then something occurred to me that never had before.

What did we do before we came to earth??????

All that comes to mind is that we had spirits, we had a heavenly mother and father, there was a war and... i got nothing. oh wait, and we chose our families.

So if we chose our families I am assuming we knew and loved other spirits. Surely there was some sort of community.

How long were we there? What did we do? Did we have skills? Do they translate to {talents} here on earth? Did I miss the boat when I didn't go to school for architecture?

Oh I'm so mad at myself if that's the case.

I wish that my conscious brain could tap into what ever it is that my unconscious brain taps into to bring me the most amazing dreams. I'd be famous by now.

Or maybe God is just being kind to me. Knowing i crave beauty and architecture in the place I live... and also knowing that may never happen for me in this life. I get beauty in small doeses around here. Tomato colored chairs and what nots and stuff.

Speaking of beauty...

Anyone out there want to knit this for me? You see I don't knit. yet... perhaps someday, but for now I do not. And well you see I was looking up knitted hats on Etsy and mine eyes were filled with many lovely things. This being one of many.

Or if you have a mannequin head you want to donate to the photography cause, that would be accepted as well. Preferably without the O.J. mustache :) And also I find hair to be highly desirable in a mannequin head. Katy... do you think I'm creepy like the Dos Gringos people???

Who here wonders what I want with a mannequin head?

Do you think I've gone off the deep end?

Do you dream in anything particular?

If so... what?

Are you super glad I posted this picture of Lucy so we didn't have to go a single post without seeing her sweet little face??

Me too lollacw! (laughing out loud like a crazy woman)

oh and by the way I found that dress... stay tuned :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i could see from the zipper being half open, there was nothing inside.

I thought it pretty pathetic of myself that I didn't even attempt to get dressed today!

it was the first thing that went through my brain as I came into conciousness.

{brain} get up... take a shower.

{body} nope.

Even when I had to hop on a bike to ride with Kassidy to school. nothing.

I hope no one spotted me. I was trying to ride fast but I had a scooter attached to my handlebars. And even if I didn't Kassidy was riding S-L-O-W. As we started down the street, Kassidy with her luggage on her back ... {I can't know why she insists on taking luggage to school} I say, What about your viola?

oh yeah.

there is nothing like waiting in the middle of the street on a bike in your pj's, hair askew, with a scooter straddling your handle bars wearing mismatched knee high socks for your daughter to emerge with her luggage, viola, and bookbag.

You need luggage and a book bag??

Like I said I hope no one spotted us.

This is the photographer's equivalent to *sound check*.

cue the lighting.

or wait, is it cue the fairy princess...

In other news today, I cleaned my closet out. Don't mind that it is actually much messier than before.

I am living in a small house... somethings are just going to have to go!

You can't believe the treasures I found! This isn't regular closet cleaning. This is go through every bucket in there cleaning. Including my cedar chest full of what I must have at one point deemed really important.

like my headgear.

of course I tried it on for Chad. Wouldn't you have?

and that dress from the 90's I got from guess with the people making out all over it. I should take a picture of that before I get rid of it.

No wait, what I should really take a picture of is me wearing that dress from the 90's, and my headgear, AND my dinkles from marching band. Now that would be a cool photo!

cue the dorky band nerd please.

Don't worry I'll keep you posted. not.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

heaven sent

What's sweeter than sweet and cuter than cute?

um. She is!

Cousin J.R. let me photograph her sweet little baby.

Wish I could remember how old she is... hmmm. {lets just say she's fresh from heaven}

I loved this. I mean this is really really what I love to do. And I am just so excited for Lori to have her baby... and Tawna

and Kristi... anybody else want to make any announcements while we're at it??

She looks so relaxed in this one...

Thanks J.R. ! It was fun to see you and your sweet babe. Hope you like them!

Friday, May 1, 2009

i have 2 sisters...this is one of them.

Ok Lori, at first I was like... I'm only going to post like 3.

but then I was like, no way. 5. At least 5.

And it all just spun out of control from there...

Because I just love how these turned out! They are all so beautiful I couldn't seem to narrow it down!

And I know there have been some anxious to see these. And I figured we kept them in suspense long enough.

So for those of you that don't know... this is my lovely sister Lori. She is expecting a little baby girl May 16th (of course she's hoping for sooner) But Lori, you have to admit it would be kinda cool if she shared her birthday with mom... right?

We traveled to Sedona for this photoshoot. I am so glad we did because they are exactly what I envisioned!

Did I tell you that it was March? And it was cold? So cold. Oh and did I tell you of the indians that wanted to kill us (but mostly lori)?? No?

Well then... I surely must. You see pregnant ladies must make use of the restroom pretty frequently and well after a 2 hour drive to Sedona, a trip to the potty is high on the agenda list. So we pull into circle K. I am driving her car so of course I'm like trying to figure out the locky thing so all our stuff doesn't get hi-jacked whilst we're gone. Sedona can be a rough town you know. Feisty Indians and all.

Oh yes feisty Indians!

So I beep the horn because I am pressing the lock button like a mad woman... which caused Lori to jump and scream like a little girl, which was funny for me so as I'm chuckling over this there are these two burly indian women in a red pick-up (always in a pick-up, ever notice?) and the one of them uncannily mimics Lori's girly scream ROLLS HER EYES and then stares us down with THE look of death. Oh yes my friends, we were scared.

In we go. down a long dirty corridor to a single bathroom door. Lori grabs the handle and jiggles... it's locked. And then from the other side of the door we hear a man... sounded somewhat... distressed?? I don't know. Don't wanna know!

She looks at me and me at her... we peeled out of there oh so fast! In a rush to leave the parking lot before what ever was behind that door emerged... we almost didn't take note of the two burly Indian women continuing on with the scary death stare. We went to get in our car and they red pick-up starts backing out, I can't help but think they're going to block us in and beat us to within inches of our lives.

But they didn't. I must have an equally scary death stare, you better believe I was staring them right back down! Oh yeah, I'm tough don't mess with me!

But in reality, I'm not scary or tough at all. We could have died. This is real. What i learned from this experience is, don't act like a girl in the presence of Indians... they really hate that. Especially the girls ones. Possibly only the girls ones.

But not all Indians are scary.

For instance this one...

Lori was very patient. This kind Indian wanted to give the unborn child a blessing. He chanted... and waved his arms about...and sprinkled stuff places... While he was doing that, the wind was doing it's thing... a gust here, a gust there... oops, I think I've seen enough. Just say no to wearing flaps on breezy days :)

But seriously though Lori, I had so much fun and you we're so willing to do what ever my crazy brain came up with. Such an awesome subject to work with. An unforgettable sisterly outing!