Thursday, October 15, 2009

Marshmallow Mateys

Incase you wondered, this is what actually got submitted for my week 2 task. What can I say it has all the elements.

summertime { check }
handmade { double check }
paper { check and check }

ok that was a little over-kill on the checks.

I loved the below photo. But alas no paper. Doesn't that just take you back a few year and make you feel young to your core?

And my heart was drawn like crazy to this photo...

I decided to submit the other one though because of the summertime processing on it :)

and I can't tell you how hard it is to choose between black and white vs. color sometimes.

and not only that but sometimes choosing between little punkin faces is killer. but thats why we have blogs right? we can post it all! buwahahah. is that how you spell the evil laugh?

and I discovered this after going through the uncut versions again while getting submission advice from Jeddy. It doesn't make much sense in my brain because no matter how I look at it I don't remember where we were looking at all like that. These are all at the same tree. didn't change for a single one of em!

I saw it and was like... how magical. There is something mystic about it. And colorful. Like where the unicorns live. See how through the trees it looks as though theres clouds? or maybe a misty waterfall? And Jed put it well when he called it the lucky charm photo. HAHAHAHA. Good one Jed! it's magically delicious :)

Furthermore I think I would remember being in the land of the unicorns!

goes to show ya... double checkin... Not just for elementary school homework!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Much love, Jill

Give this kid a quarter and she'll do anything for you!

Quarters = gummyballs.

Including sit in a tree though she's really quite afraid to do so.

I am taking this photography workshop put on by Sheye Rosemeyer. Its supposed to be non stressful but anytime you put a time limit on something for me I will be stressed!

This weeks task was to pick 3 (out of ten) things she (Sheye) loves out of a hat and implement them in a photograph.

I got...

{ summertime, handmade, and paper }

Could i have picked three harder elements? No.

Did i want to cheat and pick again? Yes.

Would Chad allow it? No.

So here I sit dreaming up paper ideas.

It paper thats throwing me off.

These are/were? my preliminary ideas... though looking at them now they dont scream summertime or paper and I will likely have to explain that I made that dress.

Dear paper... Could you fold yourself up into a little paper airplane and and fly yourself right into my lap with the uttermost lovely ideas written on you? Oh please oh please!

<3 jill

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

daily photo

Saturday, October 3, 2009

just one more

just wanted to share this one last photo of little Kingston!