Saturday, February 4, 2012

hair and space and other lovely things.

I've been itching to sew again. My machine has been packed away for over a year now. 

It's not that I ever really wanted to stop sewing, it's just that I got busy with other things... plus we live in a really small house and pulling out the machine and everything that goes with it is... well, to speak plainly, space consuming. When fully engaged in a sewing project there is much to be found on the floor, add that to the bucket of kid garb you will normally find on my floor and yeah... its major. 

Let me just tell you, I am a fabric addict. I LOVE beautiful fabric. I still have drawers full from before but I decided I would start anew with this...

The apple picking dress from Oliver + S paired with a lovely fabric from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom line.

Of course I have my favorites when it come to fabric designers, Joel Dewberry isn't usually lumped in with them but oh man when I saw this I could just feel it in my bones! This was it!

I posted a couple photos on my flickr and got an amazing response. I was so happy to read such fabulous comments. I think my favorite comment was  "This is the first time I have liked that pattern. That fabric is Gorgeous and the girl too."

I mean who wouldn't be excited to hear things such as that!?! 

Oh that hair! We talk about cutting it daily, She and I. Somehow we just never get around to it. And we go back and forth, sometimes she's for it and I'm against it, and then other times vice versa. 

Today it's vice versa.

I should probably tell you its not naturally curly and ridiculously awesome. I curled it for her. Normally its just kind of ratty on the ends. It really does need a trim.

I've been spending hours and hours lately pouring over patterns and fabrics. Guess what?! I found a few new fabric designers I am in love with. You see, this is what happens when you go on such a long hiatus! 

Laura Gunn has some beautiful stuff in her Magnolia Lane and Poppy Collection that I am pretty excited about. Also really liked many of Dena Designs fabrics. 

And how did I ever not know about the lovely Tilda? With her I am excited about alot more than just her fabrics! She has all kinds of things to keep me busy :) 

I probably never mentioned before how I want to make dolls have I? No, I don't think I have, but now you know! I want to do them with Natalie. I think she could really get into something like that!!  She is always asking for my fabric scraps. I hesitate to give them to her wondering how on earth she will make good use of them, occasionally I just find it chopped up in a pile on the floor. Honestly, its painful even if it was a scrap! I could have made a  pocket with it! Making dolls could be just what we need ;)

I shot this (or something similar) on film. There is something about how the light hits her face... ah love. Can't wait to see the film image. I kept thinking when I was looking at this that I wished I had focused more precisely. It's hard to tell on this small sharpened image but her face is a little soft. *crossing fingers that I did better on film* 

I woke up with a sinus infection today. It felt like the worst kind of torture ever because it was such a beautiful day today. I don't know why but sinus infections ground me. I am just useless as ever. Anyway I could see how gorgeous a day it was from the windows and it was hard to not be bitter having to lie in bed and watch the day go to waste.

Well if I could say one nice thing about today it was that I had some fluffy pancakes with sauteed peaches on top paired with some fresh squoze grapefruit minneola juice. yum. Yes, I fudged on the gluten free today. 

oh I guess I may not have mentioned that I went gluten free. Well more on that later, but basically I am doing it in support of my daughter Kassidy, who has many troubles in school. Just something were trying. You've got to try when it come to your kids... you just have to. 

:) J

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

coming soon

Some much needed Lu on the blog.

+ I've started sewing again.

<3 Jill