Monday, October 31, 2011

zombies i love + on a sugar high

I'm really lucky.

Natty B. likes to play school. even dance school.

She teaches Lucy dances over a period of months and then she has a recital.

yesterday was the recital.

song: Monster Mash

location: trampoline

costume and makeup by Natty B.

girls, girls, girls...

just one more. 

ok, in




nice one.


Friday, October 21, 2011

it counts.

today me and lucy played a game.
it was called guess what animal I am

I'll start...
j: i start with b, i'm black, and i'm blind
l: A BAT!

ok you go...

l: I start with j
j: jackrabbit?
l: nope
j: giraffe (she's only 5)
l: noooooo (but smarter than i thought)
j: jack russel terrier?
l: ok its jrrr

completely. impossibly. stumped.

j: i dont know, what are you?

ah, mystery solved.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In a beautiful world.

Looking out the window of our San Jose hotel room Monday morning, I found myself a titch disappointed.  Oooooof course. It just had to get rainy on us. 

I distinctly remember looking at the 5-day outlook and it had a big yellow sun on each and every day. Promises had been broken.

I know you know what rain does to my hair. It's frizz-diculous is what it is. 

So I knew it was going to be an ugly day (me, not the city)  I accepted the fate and drove myself and kassidy into San Fran for our last day. 

If you've never driven into San Fran it is the most amazing sight. You come around the corner and suddenly there's hills and hills of beautiful buildings as far as the eye can see. It is gorgeous!

Over the city that day was lots of pretty fog. Why do I love fog? I do not know, maybe I don't get the pleasure often enough, but I find it really beautiful.

We really had no plan to speak of. What we did was, we saw tall buildings, exited the freeway at a random street, then drove aimlessly down it until we stopped at a random meter, in front of a door, connected to a building, of which we didn't know what was behind. But on the street next to our car happened to be a sandwich board advertising an art show they had on display. 

I thought, hmm... I love art.  How convenient.  And that is how we began our last day adventure in San Francisco! 

Now I want to tell you that even though it misted (not rained, misted) on us the WHOLE bloody time, and my feet sloshed in my shoes with every footstep, and my hair was a frizzy mess, and I was wearing a jacket over a hoodie over a sweater, over another sweater over my t-shirt... the moment I stepped outside my vehicle I knew we got lucky. Ohhh so lucky. 

Lucky for the fog.
Lucky for the rich beautiful saturated colors.
Lucky for the people walking by with their umbrellas.
Lucky for the lights reflecting off the street.

It was going to be a great day.

I cheater posted these color film shots on facebook, but the photo below, the one with Kassidy in it, I saved just for you, my favorite blog reader :)

Some favorite moments:

Golden Boy Pizza.  Away from the mega hustle and bustle, sitting at the wall covered in stickers and graffiti with my girl Kass, letting my feet dry, waiting for my pesto vegetarian pizza. totally cheap. totally yum.

Paying for parking just to find a bathroom. I had to go so bad, every store we went into pointed us out the door. When we finally did find one we also found a photo booth. *worth all 500 pennies*

eating a coconut macaroon dipped in chocolate made by the guy who dropped my change 3 times because... ahem.... I made him nervous. (?) No idea, but I'm thinking it was the big hair. 

Getting lost. like really lost, and laughing at ourselves when we ended up back in chinatown whilst trying to locate our car. (We were at Chinatown earlier in the day, and we thought we were in a completely different area, but apparently in all our circling/driving the wrong way down one way streets, ended up parking one block from it.)

Have you ever been lost? 

After I tell you this you're going to want to go out and buy an ipad. It saved our lives.

We drove round and round trying to find a place to park. We were somewhere in the middle of all the really tall buildings, thats what I knew. I finally found a spot on the street at a parking meter, just like I wanted. Then we started walking, aimlessly. we turned about 2 or 3 corners and I thought oh no! What street did we park on?? Kassidy didn't know either. So we noted the current location, figured it was pretty close right? Corner of blank and blank. Yeah... because we forgot that about two shakes later. 

We're a sad case.

One lucky thing. I remembered when we parked, as soon as I got out I started looking around for something interesting to photograph.  There was a bridge that went over the street. I only noticed it because people were walking across it with their umbrellas. And I also knew I took a photograph on California st. (see above) so I zoomed in really close to that area and found the bridge that crossed over the street! I dropped a pin and hit directions. led us straight there. 

Did I mention I drove the wrong way down a one way street?

We may not be welcome back.  

I <3 you SF.

I coming back.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The all new ART paper by Ilford

I woke up this morning and the first thing that went through my head was I gotta do a blog post on the new Ilford Art 300 paper.

Not that I am in anyway qualified to do a real live review on any product, but it's something I bought, used, and have opinions about. Maybe someone out there is on the fence about buying it since it's description is, well, confusing to say the least. They throw out words like matt and eggshell in the same sentence. huh? exactly.

Lets start with the extreme buoyancy of this product. This stuff floats. Like if you wash in a vertical washer it sticks up a good inch out of the water. Its not really a problem, I just wasn't expecting it. I mean it is a problem, in that you need to find a way for it to stay under, but it's not that difficult to solve. I just laid some plexiglass pieces over the tops to hold them down.

I printed 3 of my images on this paper. I scanned them to give you a bit of a visual but again its not really fair because its a scan... and scans are crappy, but then also the paper has this texture which makes it look quite grainy in the scan, when in fact it is not at all a grainy image. You can see that I included the whole of the image, all the way to the edge of the paper, and it is indeed textured.

These are they...

I love the way these printed up. This paper does a really beautiful job with the blacks and contrast. I mean really beautiful. The tones are perfect. In the description it says, it has a cool base colour and warm image tone.  I wasn't sure what that meant. The example photo on the box looks really warm. Kind of a rich brown, I don't find that to be the case in real life.  I can see that its not a cool black, but its not brown either. its a warm black and thats really the only way to put it. But definitely black.  

The thing that throws me off about this paper is the texture. If you look at the print straight on the texture is really noticeable.  And sometimes usually I don't really like all that texture. It seems to give it this furry look. Really hard to put in words.  But then if you take the print and tilt it, and look at it from an angle, even a slight angle, it transforms into shimmery wonderfulness. Honestly, any furriness it had disappears completely and you are left looking at a gorgeous print, almost as if the light picks up the little slivers of silver. It's really something to see! That particular quality about it excites me. But the texture not so much.

it is also very heavy/thick, which is nice.

So is it worth the $1.42 per sheet, plus shipping and/or tax?

I say yes. 

I won't print all, or even most of my images on this paper, but I think certain images will look really beautiful on it. 

And if you're a darkroom printer I think its definitely worth a shot. I mean, you just HAVE to see the gorgeous silvery shimmer. It's like nothing I've ever seen, not that I've seen much of anything really.

For reference, the paper I usually print with is Adox premium fiber based paper. Which I do quite love.

If I have any film shooter, darkroom printer, blog readers out there, I'd LOVE to hear back from you how you feel about this paper.

My local camera store doesn't carry it. I ordered it online from Freestyle Photo. I use them quite a bit, they are really great, I get all my paper from them and a good lot of my film.

Also... lots of exciting things happening in my little world of photography that I will talk about more later, but I just started a critique class over at Art Intersection with Carol Panero-Smith and Jim Hajicek. AND... I also just signed up for wet plate collodion workshop with France Scully Osterman

yeah yeah, more later :) !!!!!!!!! 

(I can hardly wait)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

saved (for later)

that's disgusting.

I've been soaking in the charms of 
San Francisco.

Never in my entire life have I seen anything like it.

I'm in love.

I have to go back.

note to self : bring floss 'ems

Sunday, October 2, 2011

See how she looks at him. Looove that.

While looking through folder after folder of old photos in search of something particular...

 I found a photograph of my mom and dad that made me smile from ear to ear.

I'm the middle child.

I don't particularly look like either of my parents.

People usually settle on me being a "good mix" of the two...

but just this one time I see a little bit of myself in my mom <3 !!

I've seen this picture before.  Looking at it always makes me wonder...

What is the dealio with the matching outfits?!


MOM: if you're out there, please explain.

Love your guys's guts.


{Disclaimer: now that I've come out and said I don't look particularly like either parent, I am quite positive I will get all kinds of you look just like your ......... !!!!!    Don't believe it. All my life I've been the mix. }