Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tid Bits


Thought so.

I have 5 zits in various stages on my face right now and I just want to know whats up with that?? It's like I'm a teenager all over again except this time I'm a zitty teenager with wrinkles and gray hairs popping up all over the place! Yippe

Not to make me sound like some superhumanteenageprinecess or anything... but I really never did get it that bad. But lets not forget that my skin is so dry there's a medical term for all the dry patches all over my face which really stinks because they get all inflamed and what not if I wear makeup of any kind, so currently I get to go around looking like dumpy old woman. I splurge on Sunday but I pay for it the rest of the week. And dry skin wrinkles alot easier, so to be zitty or not to be zitty... that is the question...for which i have no answer!

Maybe it's my intolerance for lactose. Am I lactose intolerant? I dunno.

I hate milk so that could be construed as one form of intolerance to lactosey products right? Plus I never drink milk so if I did decide to start drinking it now perhaps my body would have plum forgotten how to digest it?

You know that Williams Sonoma dark Hot Chocolate is supposed to be made with milk right?

And no hot chocolate is complete without freshly whipped cream on top (uber-lactosey) ... Sprinkled with more and more chocolate! It's quite possible that I may need to lay off the lactose...and/or sugar. (chocolate? please say no)

This is a funny story that I must remember forever so here goes it...

For Chad's birthday I was determined to get him some new jeans... and we all know you have to be there to try them on so a few days prior we were at the mall and Express was having a sale, I found some jeans that were like $20. Thats a good price for jeans right? So we got them.

On his actual birthday we went down to buckle because everyone knows that Buckle is THE place to go for sexy jeans right? Right.

I pick up like 5 pair send him off to the fitting room.

First pair... I like those...

Second pair... Pretty sexy...

Third pair... Woo-Hoo

fourth...S'all good

Fifth... no way. Those are a definite no.

Chad: "These are my pants that we just bought from Express"

Oopsies... I mean they're pretty cool... I just meant I'm not going to spend $100 on them they're super sexy good for $20.?!? Right? Please don't throw them away. I love them! I swear!

I like to speak in double negatives. It's very confusing and fun for everyone involved.

Don't not think I won't! (not?)

Because I totally won't not! If that means I will... well then thats what i was hoping it meant. I confuse myself alot when doing this so I should probably stop soon.

On Monday I am going to Alan Lowy... he is a photographer. I pay him, he helps me be better. ( I will be refraining from speaking double negative talk with him)

He asked me to bring a portfolio. He's going to rip it to shreds... I just know it. I am preparing for it and hopefully I will not cry and also hopefully I will take his expert opinion and make good use of it. In fact I've been wanting someone to do that and I always knew I would have to pay for constructive critisism...

Believe me when I say I want this.

Because knowing is half the battle.

More on this topic later.

I had more to write but I forgot...

So I guess I will just end this by saying... I hate Oprah. (that one was for you, stace!) Also don't buy Pepsi, Frito-lay or Tropicana. (Also on Staceys behalf) I really do hate Oprah though, not because Stacey hates her too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rumor has it...

that my blog...

is Lucy-licious. Or at least that's what I think was meant by the statement referring to my blog favoring Lucy...ahem, Tawna...

Let the record show that Kassidy and Natalie, though equally loved, do not wish to take part in any activities having to do with photoshoots including but not limited to...

• Washing hair, Brushing hair, or doing hair in any way shape or form
• Brushing teeth
• Wearing cute, clean, or even matching clothes
• Refraining from digging in the mud
• Wiping the ketchup off their face
• doing anything but what they wish to be doing at any given time.

Lucy... for the time being, you are devine to photograph! I am thankful for your many different faces! The plethora of expressions come naturally for you. And it is quite entertaining for the rest of us to watch...

Lately Lucy has been very animated. Its something I could only capture in video, if only I had the camcorder charger upper...

let me just try to explain... she runs up to me saying in an intense way, while clenching and shaking her fists (not in a mean way, but rather an exctied way) something to the effect of grandmas house, with her eye brows going up and down and her eye ball just about popping out of her head and if she gets too close she may grab you neck and squeeze just a little... you'll live, don't worry.

It is way funny. She keeps me happy in these little ways.

Like singing loudly in the mirror...

And giving Lucy kisses...

And it's fun to watch Chad and Lucy play together. Its so sweet. So sorry if this blog is a little too Lucy for any of you but she's my baby and we hang with eachother 24/7 and this is just the way it is for now. And I know it won't always be this way so excuse me if I savor every moment I can.

Wow I guess I can be a little intense myself!

Tawna, I just noticed that you might think I'm upset or something... which I'm not, Im just sayin is all.

And Chad my love... I love you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What Santa Does in the Off Season...

And here I was thinkin it was going to be a big bummer that Chad now has Saturdays off. I've gotten quite use to him having Mondays and Tuesdays off. Here's the great thing about that...

We never have a 45 minute wait to eat.

Ski resorts are practically abandoned.

Plenty of up-front parking just about everywhere.

Hotels are way cheaper mid week.

In a nutshell... I hate people. (totally kidding) but hey I can't deny that some things (almost everything) is awesomer with less people in the picture.

Remember that bumper sticker I saw in Jackson Hole, WY?


hehe... I totally want one of those... and one for my mom too :)

So anway, Saturday I came to the realization that we're free!! Because the one bad thing about all the above listed is that the kid(s) are always in school so none of that other stuff really matters.

You think we're getting a cheap hotel mid-week? No because we aren't going anywhere mid-week!

Saturday upon realizing we're free... we decided to make to most of it and take the kids over to the old ghost town in the superstitions. It was fun to be out doing something together. Lucy was a total crack up.

Here she is meeting "Santa"

This guy was the tour guide for the mining tour. We go to sit down and wait and first thing this old man says to Lucy..."Why hello there little girl" which she responded, " Are you Santa"? Well turns out he sometimes is Santa at the malls and stuff. Every couple minutes or so Lucy would blurt out "SANTA...(something totally cute)" She is very into Santa.

Here's a picture of Kass and Nats down in the dark mine.

The tour was some what boring... Santa really knows how to drag it out to make people feel like they got their moneys worth. There is that one unforgettable moment when Santa turned the light off... he came right up to Lu before the lights went out and said, "are you scared of the dark?" to which she nodded with a sad worried little look on her face.

Then he says, "If your scared of the dark, close you eyes because I'm going to turn off the lights"

the lights went off... (silence)

(silence interrupted)

Lucy: "Santa... could you turn the lights on!"

I think we all agreed that Lucy was the best part of the tour.

We got out of the mine just before the icecream shop closed so we figured the kids should probably have some icecream before dinner... come to find out it's a good way to get kids to eat their dinner. You see before you give it to them you remind them that they haven't eaten dinner yet and you make them promise that they will eat all their dinner without complaints... they pretty much agree to anything... its kind of like asking your hubby for something in the middle... oh ummm nevermind.

We had so much fun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

When Chad is here I sleep lengthwise...

And when he's gone, I sleep diagonal in the bed. (random title)

Is it crazy that I take my camera everywhere I go? I had some serious debating to do with myself on this occasion... because i feel a bit like a weirdo luggin that thing everywhere! I initially locked it in the car, but about 2 step later I was fishing it out from under the console where I hide it from all the sneaky camera snitching thieves. Also I keep my car very ghetto looking - cracked windshield, car wash once every 2 years, grill overflowing with all types of cool bugs, grimy kids prints all down the side, and if that doesn't keep them out the smell on the inside along with the debris... they're not getting far. I like that red blinky light too, makes people think we have a state of the art alarm on our little family style jalopy. Sweet move Honda!

Ok you saw my water, which was at least as good as any I've had. That was just a tester shot, but it was shiny and I like shiny. this next one is also a tester shot...

But I figure you'd want to check out some of the happy Houston's customers. Did you know that Bob Saget once ate at Houston's? Well It's true just ask Lori.

So what is this, a restaurant review?? No!

This is what I got Lori (my little sister) for Christmas! Yep, as I was trying to think of what I could get Lori that would be totally awesome I decided on a lunch date at Houston's. And whats so great about Houston's you ask?

Seriously glad you asked...

'Evil Jungle Thai Steak Noodle Salad'

What do you see in there? if you said, steak, noodles and thai dressing you'd be right, but its so much more! Avacados, mint leaves, peanuts, mango, basil leaves, scalllions, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes... probably more but who can keep track of all that! It is so worth the drive out to Scottsdale!

And no Mumsie, it does NOT resemble the flavor of a baby doll head! What does a baby doll head taste like anyway? (If you do happen to trek out there to get a taste of this amazing dish, do yourself a huge favor and strike that last comment from the record!)

Lori's bite...

As promised... I ate every dag-blasted peanut on that plate! Boy can I ever lick a plate clean! This is not dainty dish either! I just packed it in... hey it's not every day I get to delight in the ways of the Evil Jungle Thai Steak Noodle Salad, which by the way they've changed the name on the menu but it's so boring now I can't even remember it!

And no proper Christmas gift would be complete without the delectableness of the finest chocolate fudge sundae this side of the ?? Mississippi?? Did I get that right?

This is the absolute best sundae ever! It is $8 and worth every penny! Incase you weren't jealous enough from that last picture I thought I'd throw in another shot with that ultra decadent chocolate sauce gooing down the side... hehe

Lori, that was awesome! i had SO much fun! I love that we have a special restaurant, the way couples have a special song... by the way... whats your's and Jer's song? mine and Chad's is "Blue Moon" by the Marcelles. Neither of us particularly like this song but when your dating its just the song that sticks out right? is it? Can I pick a new one? Sadly I've tried, they don't stick! Ya get what you get and you don't throw a fit right??

If our waitress didn't think I was crazy enough taking a picture of - first, my tasty dish, second my empty plate (admittedly that was a little strange of me) and then the sundae of my dreams... I know she was shocked when I snapped this shot of the check...

But then again, maybe she was getting used to it. She's lucky we didn't ask her to pose with us!

nice check huh? WORTH IT! I cannot stress that enough! So good.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dirty Little Corner (of my heart)

I see this every single day.

It's really rather peculiar.

It watches me with it's little puppy eyes.

I fling it with suds to blind it.

I've tried to scrub it off but it won't budge...

Why won't you go away??

Well if you have to stay at least your kinda cute.

I would almost think it was Marley (the dog) appearing in my scum... but alas she still lives.

I heart shower scum :)

P.S. Don't hate me because my shower scum is cuter than yours.

Because some had a hard time seeing in the scum what I saw...

Indeed I am not a good drawer! But I think you get the idea!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On A Lucky Roll

I never have lucky streaks like this so I have to document it. Probably you'll all decide I'm not sane and discontinue your blog-readership...

Ok so yesterday was interesting... Chad is being put on day shift at work, not permanently but for about 6 months (give or take). While this may seem like a break through to all of you not having to deal with my car situation I can assure you it is not... that is, not that great for us. Countless people remark on the horribleness of night shift not realizing it's how we have been able to survive with one car for 11 years! (health issues... overweightness... early death, we've heard it all...and we take it for what it's worth!)

Anywhoo, he needed some steel toe boots. So we went shopping. With 3 kids... and no stroller. That my friend was actually a little on the unlucky side, but tuck that under the mat and forget it k! I also had a little exchanging to do of unmentionables to a little place called Victoria's Secret... which is hard for me because lets just say I'm an uncommon size (this is starting to sound very unlucky but stay tuned it gets better) And also there's exactly one pair of steel toes shoes at San Tan mall and they live at Dillard's. Dr. Martins, $125... Chad does not agree to the price and we move on. So as unlucky as this is sounding it is actually extremely lucky for me...

That's because...

1. I got to drop Chad and the kids at home where he made them dinner and put them to bed and cleaned the kitchen (that right there is worth alot)

2. I got to go to the mall by myself, which is always the preferred way.

3. (this is the best one) Ok I have to back up a little here... First you must know that I have quite the love of hot chocolate. And more particularly Williams Sonoma dark hot chocolate (this is good quality grated chocolate) Regular price $20. Ok not my kind of price I will have to admit, which is why every year I wait and wait for Christmas to be over so I can run out and get my hands on this for a mere $8.99. But this year same as last, right after Christmas only had the peppermint hot chocolate left, which don't get me wrong is awesome and of course I got some but still I long for the dark chocolate... the cashier gives me little hope saying they were sold out before Christmas... ho hum.

But... hehe... I decide I must stop in as I am sans children, and well its right on the way to VS anyway, whats the harm? No way there it is! One glorious canister of Williams Sonoma dark Hot Chocolate! But every store was sold out before Christmas!! How can this be!! I didn't care how it happened... it happened, and that my friend is lucky! But if you really must know how it happened, as I proudly strutted it up to the cashier with glee (no doubt I was glowing) she was shocked...

cashier:"Where did you get this? We don't have this!"
Me: "Why off the shelf of course"
cashier #2: "Someone returned that about an hour ago. Who in their right mind returns that?"
Me: "Really! This is for sure my luckiest day ever!"

And so began my luck. I also was very lucky at Victoria's Secret because they had my size in a color other than leopard and nude... and also there was something else but I think I will stop there. Just know that I paid less than was expected... which is indeed lucky!

4. if were still counting... i got six fortune cookies in my to-go pack from PF Changs which meant that Chad got one and I got five. Five fortunes can't do anybody any harm...

Which reminded me of a few things...

Me and Tawna making fortune cookies for Indata... Mostly me making them because Tawna is a wimp when it comes to folding really hot cookies! I looked up fortunes on the internet and found a page that is dedicated to strange fortunes and we used all those... they were quite interesting... also we were smart and put an Indata logo on the fortunes, that was awesome. Ever had a fresh fortune cookie? Really yummy ok.

Also last week when we were eating Chinese food with my family and my dad suggested to add "in bed" to the end of our fortunes making for quite the interesting fortune (strange coming from my dad, but ok)

So one of my fortunes said, "Your kindness will be rewarded" (in bed?) Hmmmm... whatever you say dad!


But wait I haven't said the best luck yet! Ok so some already know of my car issue at the moment, and for those that don't here it is in a nutshell...

car didn't pass emissions - Honda wants to charge $2000+ to fix it. It's got alot of miles and it's really not worth very much - the catalytic converter is causing the check engine light to go on which is what is causing us to fail. I was stressing about trading it in. I didn't particularly want a car payment especially when I didn't have time to really think about what I wanted to get. Ok I actually know exactly what I want but Chad finds these vehicles "not practical". What? Four seats for a family of five ain't so bad is it??

well last night the light wasn't on, it's not always on just most of the time... But dang it, emissions is closed! So I decided that if per chance the light was off in the morning I was heading straight to emissions... it was off!!! Still I wasn't sure it would pass, I mean it still might read some codes right?? I don't know how that all works. Plus I was pretty sure it was going to come on as we were waiting in line... and then again when they said I had to turn my car off, and they restarted it... that was scary... i wasn't breathing...

We totally passed!

Not five miles down the road the check engine light comes on... haha now that is luck!

See I told you I was on a lucky roll!

Stress goes away, girl sips on chocolate... life is good!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


All this takes place in December...

On Chad's parents anniversary...

Or Chad's sister Chanelle's wedding day. (We obviously didn't make it) Chanelle, if you're readig this (which I doubt you are because I don't think you read my blog) well then congratulations! We love you and wish you the best.!

Or my grandma's birthday... you choose.

December 29, 2008

Is that not the cutest little darling you ever seen? This is the daughter of a good friend of mine. Her mom asked me to do birthday pictures for her 2nd birthday, and I was fair warned that she has no patience for photos. I'm not gonna lie she was a little more challenging, but her will to avoid the camera was no match for my will to get the shot! (though she was quite the contender) We got some really cute ones!

I think she's starting to like me. Not really. Maybe some day though.

After I got home from her shoot Chad was outside with all the kids. There was quite the pile of leaves! We have fall in AZ it just happens to "fall" in December instead. I got some fun pictures of the kids enjoying this rare occasion.

My personal favorite of Lucy...

I had to do these slide show style. There was just too many I loved and wanted to post! I split the slide shows up into two separate ones because I thought the one of Lucy and the blower was too funny to be chunked in with all the others...

I seriously recommend clicking on the slide show in order to get the full facial expression effect! I don't know why these slide shows have to be so minuscule.

Mostly it was Lucy and neighbor friend Holly enjoying the leaves but the other kids joined in in the end... there's not as many pics of the other kids just yet. I will be adding to this slide show later today or maybe tomorrow.