Sunday, September 28, 2008

11 things I love about you

Yesterday was 11 years! I decided to post a wedding picture because I like it when others do that. I guess I'm just snoopy maybe. We aren't very good at celebrating. I think I have been stuck at home so many days of my life that when I try to think of fun things to do it's hard because I haven't had to think of things like that for... I dunno 11 years now?
We took the kids goofy golfing. That's how bad I am at thinking up fun things to do! Who takes their kids on their anniversary date? We do. Almost every year. I figure it's just until Kassidy is old enough to babysit. By the way golfland is NOT the ideal anniversary date, but it was for the kids benefit! Someday it will be just me and Chad, and I hope to have better plans by then. Wish me luck.

So... 11 things I love about chad, me and Chad, and being married

♥ I love the way Chad makes cringing faces at my singing in the car. It wouldn't be half as fun otherwise.

♥ I love that we sleep on the same side of the bed (too much info?)

♥ I love the way Chad will massage my feet even if their dirty, even though I won't touch his even if their clean.

♥ I love that Chad (wanter of nothing) is willing to pay $5o bucks per ticket for a reggae festival on a 115° day in a parking lot with no shade and stay there until midnight (with kids) just to see Ky-mani Marley.

♥ I love knowing there's definitely one person on earth that is rooting for me as much as I am.

♥ I love that Chad forces me to waste time watching movies with him when I really should be cleaning.

♥ I love that Chad prefers to hang out with me rather that anyone else. And vise-versa.

♥ I love to watch Chad play and giggle with the kids (something outsiders may never see)

♥ I love all the secrets we have with each other, and knowing we're taking them to the grave.

♥ I love that Chad humors me when it comes to all my crazy ideas. (I have a lot of ideas) He never shoots me down, even when he probably should.

♥ I love that we grow together and never apart, because we truly are best friends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

♥ Babylegs ♥

I feel an obsession coming on... I do this sometimes. I get my sight set on something and there's really no stopping me. (a talent I should probably put to better use!) This time it's "Babylegs". These are the cutest little things. It's silly really, it's just leg warmers... whats to get all obsessed over? I don't know but they're stuck in my head! I'm sure it doesn't help that Lucy is always saying "where's babylegs?" She loves them too! So if you're on my Christmas list and you have a baby...

Beware the Babylegs! (I know. I'm a little insane)

Wednesday we got to go to Kassy's first strings concert ever. It was cool to see her up there. She looked really beautiful. I wish I took a picture of (just) her all dressed up. I was feeling a little crunched for time so somehow I missed it. but I did get this one of her just before the concert started.

I like that shes playing an instrument. On the way into the auditorium at Highland High the drummers were outside practicing. What a flash back to my HS years! I was a total band nerd. I think Chad was probably feeling the same way... especially since he was a drummer at Highland once upon a time. It was cool though and I'm glad she's developing some musical talent. (even if she won't be in marching band someday which was so so fun...oh the good old days) Band nerds rule!

I just remembered I had this Picture of Chad playing quads his sophomore year at Gilbert! Its a picture of a picture that was a little smaller than the size of a wallet so the quality is no good but still fun to look at! (for me anyways)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Crazy Hair Day"

This was last Friday. I'm so behind the times these days! I was a naughty mom and took Natalie out of school for a girls day. She's getting baptized next month and she needed some serious help with her hair. Everyday is "crazy hair day" for Natalie. So we did before and after pictures. Heres Natty's before...

Tommy working his round brush magic! I couldn't believe how great her hair looked! Like super model hair.

While we were getting ready to go the phone rang. but I didn't have time to answer it so I ignored it as usual. Well Natalie answered it. I said to Natalie, "who was on the phone?"

Natalie, "I think it was someone from school"

Oh this is just great. The girl they're calling about actually answers the phone and sounds perfectly chipper and healthy!

Mom, "What did you tell them?"

Natalie, "I told them I was going to get my hair done!"

Mom, "Well isn't that fantastic!" (ooops next time I'll get it!)

And now for the after picture...

Kassidy's before picture...

And here's her after picture...

This really was after. Kassidy found a disguise kit laying around Grandpa's house. You know Kassidy...


Tommy is a friend from way back in high school. He does my hair and he does such a great job I thought I should probably take my girls to him. Kassidy was especially excited to meet one of my old friends. The next day in clay class she made him a "Thank you" pebble. It was so cute of her.

Natalie checking out her new "palette expander" (which did NOT stop her from sucking her fingers as I had hoped!)

I was very happy with their new hair. Kassidy even lets me do it every-so-often now. After the salon we went to lunch at P.F.Changs, Kassidy's favorite. We had no leftovers!

I love these girls so much! And a huge thanks to my mom for watching Lucy all afternoon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Full Moons & Onion Rings

Finally! We made it to the lake. Yeah It's late AZ! This is actually our first trip the the lake this year, which for us is not usual. We had the best time though. We had never been to Roosevelt Lake before so we thought we'd give it a shot. It was pretty cool. I liked this picture of see what she sees! I took so many pictures. I almost filled my whole card up. So get ready for alot of picture action!

Ok this next one is Lucy... let me explain. You see we do have a life jacket that fits her...just so happens we didn't bring it along, so we made due. Ok this is an unedited picture. I had my camera set to incandescent light so it turned it blue...but that's whats so awesome about it. Imagine the boat sunk...

When I saw this picture I thought it looked like an underwater picture. See how her hair floats? And it looks like the water is over her head. To me it does anyways. I put this in the keeper file.

Now you can see what I mean... way, way, way too big. Lucy was so funny. She kept saying, "faster, faster!" She loved the boat. And the tube!

She would watch everyone having fun on the tube and when the tubers (not potatoes!) would get on the boat she would get out of her seat and say, "My turn!" What a little sportsfan that girls is gonna be. So we gave in (despite the life jacket problem). You can see that she really loved it! Which brings us to Savannah...

What a little cutie pie. Don't you just love this picure of Savannah and Lori (my little sister) I love everything about it. Check out the cheekage!

My dad. Ultimate sportsfan. Mr. Adventure. Best dad ever. Goes by many names... Brent, Dad, Bert (mail typo-guess ya had to be there)Xavier, Dakota, Chad (this is not a joke! Check out his highschool yearbook if you don't believe me!)Did I forget any? Probably. Oh yes... and Cheerleader!

So as you can see he's a fun loving guy! I have to say that this man is everything I want to be. I'm sure I haven't shown sufficient gratitude for the awesome grandpa he is to my kids. He takes them on all kinds of adventures all the time. Including little trips to the park on hot days via boat... or surry, whatever they want. I'm sure I will eventually post a picture of the surry for those of you that have never heard of that! Little things like that mean alot and then there's bigger things such as the camping trip they just went on that I will probably write about later... so I don't forget. Like I said... the BEST dad ever!

See! 58 and still catching air! I pray to be as young as him at that age!

Kassidy sporting her new wetsuit. Doesn't she look cool in it? I was loving the sparklies in this one!

Whoah! Watch out! Full moon on the loose...

So you know we left the baby life jacket home. Guess what else we didn't bring her... Yep her swimming suit! Oops. And shoes. Minor details right? Well knowing Lucy (A.K.A.- natures child) she wouldnt have worn it long anyway. But this here is a cool picture so I'm not feeling too bad about my mistake.

I just have to mention one more thing... on the way home we stopped at this place in Miami (I think??) It was mexican food and it was really good. But the weird thing is that they served burgers and stuff too. I personally had a bean burrito and a side of onion rings. So if your in the Globe-Miami area and need some chow I recommend this place. You'll know your at the right place if the sign outside says "Whatever the name is - mexican food - burger house" Wishin I took a picutre for you!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Its becoming evident, people outside is major. I am loving the cooler weather even if it is still in the 100's at least its in the low hundreds. And the evenings are so perfect.

We have been going to the park almost every night that Chad works. The kids get to play and get worn out at the same time. Tawna, I know I said I wasn't going to post pictures of this but I couldn't resist. They were having so much fun I just had to share.

This busted sprinkler was the awesomest thing that happened all day. When the sprinklers turned on the kids were on it! They covered it with a plastic do-hickey that made it go low and river like straight to the sand. Didn't take long till there was a huge crevice channeling the water to the pond at the end. We had so much fun. It was a happy day. If you don't believe me just look at Kassidy. (in the green shirt) If that ain't the happy dance I don't know what is.

But this right here probably made me the happiest. I know it's just two girls and their skateboards but it's more than that. It's girls finding out things. Things in common. Giggling. The discovery of a friend is so powerful to kids.

K: What grade are you in?
F: 5th.
K: Me too!! Do you play strings?
F: I play violin
K: Oh! I play viola! Do you want to hear me play?
F: Sure!

I know it's a blurry picture. Even if I could hold the camera still enough in this low lighting situ. there was no chance the girls were gonna be still. Even so I love it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Simple conversation with a 10 year old...

Kassidy: Mom, why did Patty cross the road anyway??

Mom: (obvious response) To get to the other side.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patty's Last Stand

This is how it happened. Earlier today I was cleaning the garage. Kassidy was doing school work on the porch swing and Lucy was tunkin around messing with stuff. Today is garbage day. This is an unlucky coincidence. Kassidy finishes her work and asks me to look at it. I give her a 5 minute break. The garbage man makes his way down our street. Lucy begs for Kassidy to push her on her tricycle. So they take off down the sidewalk only to return a few minutes later frantically screaming...

Lily was hit by a truck!

what?? I say.

Lily... Patty...Lily was hit by a truck! She was hit! Pure terror in her voice.

It's weird how I could even for a second think she was talking about Lucy when I could see her right there on her trike.

Next thought is some kid down the street maybe?

"What" I say? "What are you saying??"

"Patty was ran over by a truck! She's right there on the street!"

Oh, I see. Patty the frog. We are pretty anti-pet over here so the kids have to find pets.

Over the summer we went to Sedona, the only place we went really. There was a boggy area where we swam and it had tons of frogs just begging to be put in an empty water bottle and taken to a new hotter (less watery) home far far away where they could be tortured. (You'll see what I mean in a minute!)

I think they brought about 10 home put them in a muddy area under the swingset, expected them to stay put, came back later to check on them and of course they were all gone! We found one weeks later while mowing (that was a close one!) And another one about a week after that in the front yard near the fountain (Patty I'm guessing?)

I say to Kassidy, "How do you know that was Patty and not Lily?

"Oh, Lucy squeezed Lily to death a long time ago." (See what I mean!)

So goodbye to Patty the frog... we will miss looking for you in the fountain area. And the excitement of when we actually spot you, for this is our last sighting...

WARNING!!! Flat frog picture coming up...

I'm serious...

I really took a picture...

(It's weird the things I take pictures of these days now that I have a blog!)

You were so close to the side walk! One more jump, maybe two and you would've been home free.

Ok if you think looking at it is gross well then just think of my job... I had to do a little editing on it!!

Just a little add on... When I got Lucy out of her crib after nap she was saying
Patty...Truck...Patty go garbage.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Cuteness

More Lucy pictures. No reason... just cute. Well actually that's not entirely true... I made that dress she's wearing. It's a "pillowcase dress". Usually they are made of pillow cases but I had some leftover swiss batiste from Natalie baptism slip, and I really wanted to try to make one. Turned out pretty cute. I took advantage of my moms fabulous embroidery machine and stitched a blue bird sitting on a branch on the front. So cute! I'm so grateful that my mom sews. I wouldn't have gotten far on my own. She tries to pretend she doesn't know what she's doing but it's so not true. She does beautiful work!

On a random note... I feel so tired! I know I stay up too late but I just have a hard time giving up those precious hours I have to myself after my kids go to bed. Kids are great, but sanity is great too. If only I was more self disciplined. I am so bad.

And on another random note... Chad had an interview for an engineering position today. (within Intel) Somehow I was thinking it was weeks away. That called for an emergency "fieldtrip" (as we referred to it for Kassidy's benefit, what with the homeschooling and all) to the mall. Chads wardrobe is... hmmmmm.
Anyway we had to go to the mall. Katie if you're reading this... I was on a roll today! Too much of a roll, I think I will keep the exact amount my little secret. We aren't getting our hopes up for this position though... it's fine, Chad's not sure he even wants it.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morning What-Nots

Talk about a fun filled Saturday morning! We started bright and early (which for me is never so bright considering I am not a morning person!)Kass and Nat's had their first ever clay class. So once again me and Lu found ourselves with some time to kill together. We were happy to find that there was a car show going on. Yay! Something to keep us entertained. We walked around... took some pictures...

Checked out the shiny stuff. Boy was it ever shiny there! Check out this tricked out piece of "Superman" machinery! Whoah...

This is a weird picture but there's something about it I like. Its soft?? Maybe it's the lashes?? Perhaps the "hair in the face" is just growing on me, who knows.

Took some more pictures...

This ones a beauty!

After a while we decided to go see what Kass and Nats were up to. They were loving every minute of it! This is exactly what they want to be doing on a Saturday morning!

Such little artists!

Lucy really wanted to stay and play with some clay. It just wasn't meant to be. So she sat down and cried...

Then cried some more...

Just when I thought she was going to call it quits...

She cried a little more...

Then she cried a little harder...

Yep. It was fun fun fun. Well till that last part. Who'm I kidding even that was a little amusing to watch. Only because I had time to kill and a camera in hand. Otherwise not so much.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kassidy, meet Carl...

I signed Kassidy up for a class at the Mesa Art Center, and today was her first day. This is a 3 hour "art block", for homeschooled kids. She absolutely loved it! Trouble is only one other kid showed up... yep, you guessed it. It was Carl. See how she proudly displays the bird puppet she so lovingly named Serena? I am just hoping this class doesn't get canceled (due to the lack of kids). Kass will be so bummed.

I knew the moment I laid eyes on this lovely water artscape that kassidy would find a way to be in it. Moms know.

On our way home I was asking Kassidy how she liked it, what she did, the usual stuff. And then I said, "what about Carl? Is he like your best friend now?" To that she answered, "well... (pause)...YEAH!" That answer shocked me but it made me chuckle. She's such a delightful little girl. I was worried that we'd be having a bit too much togetherness but I haven't found that to be so. Thankfully!

Oh the hair! How I love the hair! But why is it always in her face? I think I have a million pictures of Lulu and her hair. We call it her rockstar hair. Me and Lu had some quality together-time as well. We walked around and enjoyed the artsyness of that place while we waited for Kassidy to finish up.

I know this picture is so bright. Too bright. I almost want to put my shades on just looking at it. Everything in it is yellow. You can't see it in this picture, but the planter she's standing on is filled with pieces of yellow glass. And the hair, don't forget the hair! How I love my rockstar baby. (: peek-a-boo belly :)