Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do You Believe in Fairies...

I woke up to wet earth. For once I absolutely didn't mind the rain. Typically I hate the rain. Yes, I know rain is's not like that with me and rain... I want it to rain, just not on me. And if perhaps the sun could still shine through the blustery clouds, that would also be fine... I just love sunshine... I get antsy and depressed without it.

Please note: monsoon storms do not have the same effect, infact almost the complete opposite. I get all giggly and excited when a monsoons coming...

I went out this morning to try to capture the beauty of it all. And I found this...

And this...

NATALIE!!!!!! Why? Why? Why? Why? I can't stop asking why! My phone? My ward list?? Not to mention my favorite red shoes of yours... that I paid for... that I really really liked! The very red shoes I had planned on for our Christmas pictures! Ahhh...

I'm okay, really I am. Sort of-ish.

Thats not all I found out there either! Blankets, pants, shirts, forks, food, candy wrapper galore! If I didn't know better I would almost think the kids had some bum friend secretly living in our backyard!

But then the most amazing discovery of all!

I know what you're thinking.

The Kitchen sink, right?


It was my little fairy friends...

catching a glimps of herself in the droplet of dew.

Soaking in the sun peeking through the clouds. (thats all I ask for sun, is it really too much?)

Flitting around... jumping in leafy puddles.

When Lucy saw this one she said. "Na-na-nee fly"

I will miss the day she stops calling Natalie "Na-na-nee". It's only a matter of time. It is so precious!

And so you see I have some very special little fairy friends living with me.

The END!

Monday, November 24, 2008


We had a fun little Sunday afternoon...

I had to go scope out the lake across the street to see if it was a good photo spot. I think it has potential. It would have been pretty cool actually if the grass was green! Love those silos! I'm so glad they aren't tearing those down. (as far as I know anyways)

We had some ring-around-the-rosies going on!

Being that Thanksgiving is this week *yikes* we have some family in town. The Johnston clan... we got to hang a bit with little Paigey. It was so cute to see them being all silly and happy together!

Kassidy being whimsical... which is my favorite way to be!

Lucy... I'm glad you like that dress I made you. I thought for a second that you were going to hate it, the way to screamed and thrashed around while I tried to force your squirming little body into it. Thanks for coming around... you look so cute in it... and trust me you really do have arms!

Okay, Lucy's look in this next one is to die for... Kid you make me giggle.

girls, girls, girls... love my girls!

Little Savannah stopped by to have a little before dinner fun with the cousins...

Apparently it wasn't all fun!

But mostly it was! Thanks grammy for all the umbrellas. The girls LOVE them and I'm sure we will be having many a more photoshoot with them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things That Made Me Smile Today

I've been tagged. I tried to chop chop as wendy put it, but man I have been so busy lately! Without further ado...

Four places that I go to over & over:

* my little computer chair
* grocery store
* bathroom
* and back to the computer chair! Not so interesting is it?

Four people who E-mail/call me regularly:

* My mom
* Lori
* people that want my money (like I have any!)
* blockbuster (apparently they want their movies back)

Four of my favorite places to eat:

* Gecko Grill
* Joe's BBQ (gotta love the homemade rootbeer, unless your katie then you hate it)
* Houston's (Evil Jungle Thai Steak Noodle Salad)
* Sees Candies

Four places I would rather be right now:

* in my bed.
* snuggling Lu.
* Jamaica (never been so I can't know for sure but probably)
* sitting in my future bed and breakfast.

Four people I love:

* Kassidy
* Natalie
* Lucy Emma Jane (all one person, i didn't cheat)
* Chaddy

Four TV shows I watch:

* The Office
* Jericho (till it ended)
* I don't watch tv much sorry
* I don't know...

Four people I tag:

* Katie
* uhhhhh... who wants to be tagged?
* You
* Tawna

I wanted to post some pictures of Kassidy as a baby. The reason being that I want to okay? But really I was looking through these today and she was making me smile. She lives in my Xanadu with me... isn't she beautiful??

Oh and quite the messer... still is!

This next picture always cracks me up! This was at an Indata Christmas party at Rockin 'R' Ranch. They do old time photos and Kassidy was perfect for this part! Kassidy, seriously, you could definitely star in a western! Who else do you spot in the picture?? Anybody recognize themselves??

And then there's the picture of Kassidy sitting in the window of what is now Lucy's room while our first and only house was being built! Look how little she was there! Golly was that a sunset or what! Wow...

And Kassidy soaks in the sun...I have always loved this photo... this is true bliss. Really this picture defines her. Basking in the sun, taking in all that light and glory... ok I'm cheesy but really Kassidy is sunshine!

Still a goofball as most of you know. but a cute goofball!

She loved Grammy's magnifying glass... where'd that go?

Kassidy making cookies with Tyler... check the curls!

And living proof that I have been interested in photography much longer than most of you know! My homemade set, still you gotta admit It's pretty good...Point and shoot and all! actually it's not that good but I mean for, oh nevermind, I like it.

Also I want to say thanks to Katie for taking me out for a night on the town, (even if it was in oldie-land)Kidding! Love old folks... it's who I get along with. We went to dinner at outback which was yummy of course and then we went to a movie. Secret life of Bees??? Something like that... it was sad but good. And overall happy with a underlying sadness... she had no Xanadu. Did you think I was kidding about that being my new favorite word? Ha! Never! I had fun and it was nice to get out and just not be home... ya know? So thanks Katie I had an awesome time!

Off to bed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I have a Xanadu

I live there. I happily gloriously live there. (In my Xanadu)

Hey i had to look it up too. But you kinda have to admit it's a pretty awesome word. My new favorite. (You didn't have to look it up? oh... *blushing sheepishly*)

This is monumental! Maybe... well I have been 29 for 3 years now so... I guess its about time I got one!

My very first antique!

I hope the picture is big enough for ya! Don't want you to miss a single fuzz ball!

So I know Nothing about antiques. For all I know this is some poor old woman's chair, that she bought in the 70's, who had her house flooded in hurricane Katrina so she had her burly neighbor man chuck it by the side of the road for her. Then Mrs. Miyoko (not passing up on an opportunity this great) swipes it for her little mesa antique shop! That's one possibility...

The tag said "old old chair" I guess that means its old. But maybe not too old. But probably really old. right? The tag said so.

Oh and my neighbor said that her mother-in-law had a couch to match so that's a pretty good sign that it's at least as the tag said, an "old old chair". (Because she likes antiques...not because she's old old)

any chair that can make my baby smile this big is OK with me!

Ahh so I was probably taken. I paid $80 for it so if anyone knows anything about antiques then please let me know if you think i got ripped off. Because you see I won't know on my own seeing as how, like I mentioned earlier, I know nothing about antiques!

Lori- This picture is for you. It reminds me of that painting you painted. Doesn't it?

If it had a bow? I could be remembering wrong. I do that.

Sometimes impromptu photoshoots give me the most wonderful treasures!

I got this chair for photoshoots. My one dirty little white chair was beginning to bore me. You cant tell very well in that humongus picture but this chair is quite petite making it ideal for sweet little ones.

Now listen up! I came across this blog which I won't put a link to because it has seriously been keeping me up at night and I wouldn't want to do the same to you, but something was said on there that is so true and yet so not realized by us lucky moms who have been blessed with children that stay alive!

This struck quote her directly...

"It's something you can't possibly realize fully until it's gone..that every person out there who has all of their children does in fact exist in their very own Xanadu. We didn't know that our happiness was so completely and utterly tied up in the simple fact that all of our children were here and healthy. That the ability to feel true, untainted joy would also be lost the day Ava left. I can't ever go back and live in that perfect World, I can't ever again experience happiness not tinged with sadness. I didn't know it when I had it and I can't have it now I know what it is.All I can do is keep sharing what I have remind every person out there who does have all their children to just be so, so thankful, to let go of the small stuff and to trust me when I say you have absolutely everything you need."

So when you're having a bad day and you think you're unhappy, just remember that you are happy! You are! You're not not because you ARE! If your children are alive and well you have everything you need! They are the absolute key to your happiness. Having spent hours reading her blog I try to keep that in my head as I go throughout my day, because I have everything to be thankful for! I have untainted happiness and thats the way I like it!

I seriously cried while reading that blog. My heart aches for that family.

On to "Animalus Stuffus" (stuffed animals) Don't worry this is short. And besides its really for me not you. But I still like you k!

Yesterday I asked the kids to help me clean because this place was looking like something off the corner of 52nd street and VanBuren... a ratty dump hole.

Anyway Kassidy cleaned Lucy's room and I thought it was cute the way she sat all these animals together. I went to grab my camera like a nerd would, and when Kassidy saw that I was taking a picture of it she said, "You like that? I did that!" Then she grabbed that little chihuahua that was off to the side and was like, "squish in there little fella". It was so cute. So I leave you with this...

And that chubby little hand is about 5 second from swiping them all onto the floor! Whew that was a close one!

Squeeze your kids and love them every second and know you really are so so happy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Patty Cake

I am very sad. Yesterday the girls didn't have school. That is not why I'm sad. I decided that instead of skipping school we would have a fun learning day. We also had a mother daughter event to go to later that evening... we were asked to bring our favorite dessert. Which I didn't even bother consulting Natalie for (as it was supposed to be her favorite dessert) because I knew right away that I was bringing dark chocolate walnut cookies. Besides, every dessert is Natalie's favorite! So I had a plan... I have been wanting to make Brioche (a very rich bread, even more so as I was planning on making "rich man's brioche" which has a high fat/flour ratio, 88% to be specific) and also I have been wanting to teach Kassidy some bread making technique. The plan was to have a baking day. I was Miss Delilah (so obviously a Plain White T's fan) and the children were my baking students... ha!

She looks so happy and unsuspecting... don't you think?

Well I suspected it. *sigh*

It all started with the sponge (it's a type of pre-ferment) after sitting 20 minutes with minimal rise I thought hmmmm...

But I ignored it. You know 20 minutes isn't that long and it's been a while since I made bread so I thought, well maybe thats all the more it's supposed to rise. Though tapping on the container didn't collapse it which made me even more suspicious. Gave it a few more minutes.

We made our cookies in the mean time (which were delicious of course)!!

Small oversite on my part... I knew it was a 2 day recipe, (didn't I?) they all are in my book. lesson over for the day... Shake it off Jill.

*moving on*

Day 2- So we refrigerated over night and here we are. Kids were so excited to bake it today... we rolled it... we patted it... we marked it with a B (for brioche of course) Blatant lie... we actually tied it in a knot and threw it over our shoulder like a continental soldier...where it landed on the counter to proof without incident :) (We really did tie it in a knot! It's the brioche way you know!)

Proofing... where bread goes to rise.

Or in our case,not...

That is why I am sad... our bread didn't rise. Dang yeast! I actually don't know why. After the kids went to bed I was thinking (not my specialty) and my brain said to myself, "hey, why don't you put the non-risen dough in the oven and turn it on for a second? (ok like one minute) "Thank you brain" I say, sounds like a good idea...

I think it might have even helped if I had remembered to turn the oven off after one minute! "Thanks a lot brain, forgetful much?" It was almost to 350 degrees before I noticed! Ak! I love the smell of melting plastic wrap in the evening don't you?

The kids are going to be so sad when they wake to see the dough plopped in the can, lifeless and smelly. It's not a nice thing when you're expecting fresh baked bread in the morning. Especially when that bread has 88% fat ratio!

Can someone teach me some bread baking technique so I can pass it on to my kids?


Saturday, November 8, 2008

" Your mama don't dance"

Thought it was a fluke did ya?

A one time deal?

Sure, sure... well then explain this!

Today's shopping trip $2.75!

* The crowd goes wild*

(my best Elvis voice)
Thank ya, thank ya very much.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A big ol Juicy...

So you think groceries are expensive... Well they are. But there is something you can do about it!

I started doing this about January of this year and it has been a real eye opener! See all these? This is from todays shopping trip.

And what was the grand total you ask?


Just for a little refrence, those little purple boxes are Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath bars (3 pack). Regular price is $4.29

This doesn't even include the 7 boxes of Tylenol and 2 packages of razors I got a rain check for that will be free after my coupons!!

So you think those coupon nerds are annoying huh! *spanks for you*

I think the word you're looking for is SMART! (hey, I don't see the cashier high-fiving you on your way out the door!)

This is not an unusual trip for me... just so happens that I decided to post it in case someone out there is looking for ways to save. I'm not going to say there is no work involved but the website I use (which thanks to Jennifer moved me up a notch on the smarts scale) does the hard work of matching sales to coupons for you. It is so great. If you want more info just ask I would love to help you save!

Now for more on Lu...

Check out this hair (horrible picture I know) I almost never do her hair and now I know not to bother!

All day it was like this! Seriously made me laugh all day. Poor thing probably thought I was making fun of her but really I was because it was so weird!

Then something else weird happened...

I have to be honest... this in not the first time I have seen her straight up chomp down an onion, but it still shocks me every time. I couldn't believe it. I was just cleaning up after dinner and there was half an onion sitting on the counter from the salsa and she just reached up, grabbed it and ate it! 4 big ol bites! Like it was a sweet juicy apple or something! I love onions but it's really unexpected for a baby to like them. And what where her remarks you ask??

"Dat's hot"

And what was her favorite candy she got on halloween?? You'll never guess...


It's shocking I tell you. I keep wondering what I ate while I was pregnant with her that could make her hair so crazy and her tastebuds all goofy! But I love her...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm so distressed

Yeah... you heard me I'm distressed all over. Why is it after midnight again? I can't get to bed at a decent hour... I stopped by my ma's house today to pick up a few thing and whilst I was there I swiped a book... hehe (good girls don't steal) I'll give it back probably. it's called...

Who's not looking for more ways to be totally miserable right? So of course I picked it up!

I half read it already. Maybe more but I was driving most of the time so *watch out* (reading and driving is a questionable activity- note mostly at lights :))

And so I find-

"I wish I could stand on a busy corner, hat in hand and beg people to throw me all their wasted hours" - Bernard Berenson

Yeah that would be great! I waste so many of my own hours I could really use a few of someone else's so I could lavishly waste my time and yet still have enough time to get something fantastical done!

(obviously I have my own take on that statement...meaning "not what he meant")

blogging... It's seriously cutting into my floor mopping/dish scrubbing/diaper chucking/bacon sizzling/kid chasing/jump up and down and lose it for a minute time! but I like it...

Oh yeah... the whole reason for it all. I'm distressed all over. Not kidding. I had craft hour(s) with myself tonight. I got distress ink from my fingers to my elbows. I'm lookin good!And though the point was to glue to paper to the frame (some serious HFPE leftovers) I think my table thinks it got a makeover! Well it'll probably soak off right?

Maybe tomorrow I will post a picture because to tell you the truth I bought some awesome Amy Butler paper and I was bragging and being stoked about it all and


Thats right. Its ok. Ok seriously its too busy. I forgot something. Hello Jill... solids! I normally would have had a solid but them fancy paper paddy thingies are too fancy-shmancy for solids... which is how it should be but...ahhh my fault!


Did I post this at 11:08 PM... no blogger, I didn't, it's like 1 AM. 11PM would be a dream!

ok g'night for reals!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rolls and Rolls of Paper!

Some have asked so here it is...

My backdrop is just a 10 foot roll of paper. I got it from my dad so I'm not actually sure where to get stuff like this :) It works really well though. I need to make a stand for it though because taping it to the wall is presenting a couple different problems...

kids tripping over the roll.

footprints all over the paper in an area that is hard to slice off. (that would be such a huge waste of paper right?)

Lucy discovering the canvas of her dreams to color on!

I have several rolls. I've only tried the cream and the gray ones out so far. I think I like the gray... surprisingly!

A couple days ago I did a photoshoot of my adorable neighbor girl. I just had to post this one (here's to hoping Katie won't mind)

I loved this one. Believe me there are plenty of cute ones of her pretty little face! Here she showcases her twirling skills. I think I will put some of the other ones in my slideshow if I can get a model consent!

UPDATE! --- If you want to see more adorable Holly then click on "Katie" on my friends list and/or check out my slideshow!