Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary...

to me !!

Facebook is such a spoiler. I always debate whether or not to post things on facebook. Usually I decide not but I was in such a good mood friday night I did it anyway.

because we just had so much fun together. It was ridiculous.

Seriously laughed harder than I've laughed in years. It was so good.

Check out this crop...

So loving it.

Had to stop and gas up the new ride...

It doesn't take much to keep me entertained! A little light... reflective surface and one of mans coolest inventions... a camera :)

12 years!!

{ 12 amazing wonderful delightfully crazy fun years }


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hello miniature cup holders!

What do you do when you fall in love with a car...

a BMW to be exact.

and then you fall in love with another car...

the Audi...

and then you love them both so much and it's a real toss up?

Apparently you buy a...

and hopefully move on with life :)

It's not that you don't like the Volvo. It's just that you LOVE the bimmer. Yes I know we could go back and forth all day as the whether it's a bimmer or a beemer... After many seconds of research I've decided they're both right... and I prefer bimmer.

because it's more fun.

But the volvo's price was just too hard to argue with. Plus I feel like the president of the United States of America when I drive it.

that was the first thing i said to chad as I drove it off the lot... unrolled my window with the tint peeling off and shouted...

"Do I look like the President of the United States of America?"

he said I did. This is only because it's black k. not because I think Obama drives a Volvo... prolly drives a Toyota or a Honda like the rest of America. ( note: re-reading this later I thought it possible some of you may take this the whole wrong way... it's because the president is always in a black car! Nothing to do with his ethnicity.)

When I went to to my stinky old Honda to get my water out of the car I noted that it was like a Honda line-up at the BMW dealer... next to me was a Honda element (so goofy... don't buy these people they're lame-o!) and next to that was a Honda oddessy. Couldn't help but think maybe those people hate their Honda as mucho as me :)

yes I hate my Honda... sue me.

and so the closest I get to bmw at this time is a liscense plate cover!

but don't be surprised if this issue is revisited in the future... say 2 years or so!! know when Lucy's in kindy and I can get a job :)

btw,no need to express your undying love for your own personal hell I call Honda... I already know you love it!!!

and I'm ok with that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

puppy dog tails :)

Dear Tawna,

I love your baby boy.

He is just way too adorable.

Though I'm not done editing your photos I wanted to put a small sampling up for you to enjoy in the meantime... as promised :)

...Lucy wanted in on the action...

Loved doing these! I will call you when i get a cd burned for you.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


No i did not drop off the face of the earth!

But I have been really busy. I have a surprise for you. I'm not telling you about it right now because right now i have some really important random business to discuss with you.

Ok first I noticed how lame i've been at blogging lately.

Then i noticed this...

and i thought to myself... I bet my blog buddies would like to take a little gander in my freezer.

was I right?

also... I painted my toe nails red. And also they do not match my flip flops.

but then Natalie walked in with my crazy <3 glasses. So I figured you'd probably want to see that too. Because

1. She has crazy hair.

2. She's cute even with crazy hair.

3. my house is a dump and I want the world to know.

4. anyone that wants to come repaint my house with me is my new BFF.

breakfast + undies = goodtimes.

I got Lucy some new undes,she's so excited she takes them everywhere she goes. Well just that one day she did. Most of them are clean. Probably.

I bet Mrs. Rhonda thought she was safe by now. Nope!

This is Mrs. Rhonda. I decided it would be a worthy cause to sign Lu up for preschool.

She LOVES it :)

I love to see her get so excited on preschool day. She gets all full of bouncies and I'm almost sure shes gonna burst with excitement. And she loves Mrs. Rhonda. I hear her telling Kassidy and Natalie things about her all day long.

But i really do have a surprise for you.

no. I'm not pregnant :) thank you very much.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

luck be a lady

I've had so much going on lately and I'm feeling like such a slacker in the blog department.

Yesterday though natalie had the orthodontist appointment shes been waiting for for a long time...

the one where he removes those stinky little barnacles that have been glued to her teeth for a year now. Look close and you will notice one tooth still attached to a barnacle as it's being pulled out. Pretty cool eh?

So yay for Natty.

And yay for Lucy.

Yep. Lucy is one lucky little lady. A few weeks ago I took my sewing machine in to get it serviced at the Bernina store. Been doing alot of sewing. The guy that does the work on them called me to ask me a few questions, the first one being... you have little kids? This was because he found 20+ pins/needles down in the bottom of it. He was not impressed. Made it a sure point to sack them all up and give them back to me. He worked fast though and got my machine back to me the next day... which is amazing.

And Lucy was so funny. When we went in to drop the machine off she got to talking to the store owner and sales lady. Pam and Sherri. She is always very good at asking people names and the miracle is that she remembers them. Not for a small while either. Days and weeks or longer. It's amazing really.

When we went to pick up the machine the next day, to Lucy's delight, they were having a carnival. She got tickets (which was thrilling enough) that she could turn in for free icecream, popcorn and watermelon. And when she saw Pam she put her little hand on her hips and asked, you still Pam? What a sass queen that girl is.

She amuses those near her at all times.

and just imagine her surprise and delight when we got a phone call 2 days ago declaring her the winner of the big stuffed bear.

How do you win you ask??

Thats easy! just guess how many buttons are in the jar.

um yeah... i never win those either.

yay for lucy.

and yay for Natty :)