Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chad love... you crack me up!

What is that face?!? haha, I love it :)

So this is us. We are weird. Weird is good.

I swear I think I am becoming nocturnal. Sleep all day, thus up all night.

terrible I tell you!

anyway since I will be wired till atleast 3 AM I figured i would get this last Hawaii post up.


The very last one mark my words! Unless of course you want to take me with you on your trip...

It's a really good deal you see because I don't mind sleeping in weird places and also I can be your family photographer :)

{ *wink and a smile* }

My dad in his cute little outfit!

Ok so these are going to (for the most part) be from our last morning in Kauai... right before we packed up and headed to the airport for home sweet home.

Lu watched these Yoga-ers for a good while. I think part of her wondered what the heck they were doing... and at the same time sorta wanted to join in?.?...

Do you love Bob Marley? I do. I love him. Rest assured my regular music will be back, but for now I couldn't pass up the chance to let you jam to island music whilst looking at island pictures. Wrong island I know. No matter.

I always blog to music. it helps me think. 90% of the time it's my good friend Bob. Also quite love some of his sons music as well. I highly recommend Julian and Ky-mani. Maybe Damien for those of you with a little more taste for the hippity hop :)

Though we had fun everyday, I think we actually got down to business these last few hours!

I look at these pictures and I think wow thats some intense fun!

and of course some intense lying around soaking in all those harmful rays. Except hopefully not the harmful ones since we always block up. We blocked up that morning right? I can't remember. Doh.

I miss this.

and this.

I want to go back! (please take me with you! I'm begging you!)

The truth of the matter is every day since we've come home Lucy say's to me

I want to go to Who-eye-E

thats just how she says it... some day baby girl, we will be back.

Save the best for last. This one just brings the biggest grin ever to my face. and after much looking through of my parents photos I think I've found what this looks like from my moms view!

Well, I think we snapped it a few seconds apart, still <3.