Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it just me or does anyone else think the meat in the Jack in the Box tacos is actually cat food?

I have to admit that I slept till 11 this morning.

then I sat at the computer doing almost nothing till 2.

which I followed up by trying to nap until the kids got home from school...

until the guilt overtook me and I actually got in the car to pick the kids up today.

I was soooo tired today, which made me realize that if I was soooo tired after a day of napping and doing not much of anything that poor Natalie must be 100 times more tired than me.

Which is precisely the guilt I speak of.

My Natalie got to perform at a Phoenix Suns game last night. Why it had to start at 8:30 PM on a school night I suppose I will never know. But let it be known we arrived home well after midnight!

Nat: some kids are getting to stay home from school today.

Me: uh-huh.

{ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz }

Me to Chad upon waking: I should have let Natalie stay home today. What was I thinking?

well anyway... she looked adorable and they did a fantastic job!

this part is particularly a crowd pleaser. Seriously... the crowd goes wild.

These girls put their heart and soul into this.

You can find Natalie the second pretty face from the right on the back row.

Believe me I know these pictures are grainy as all heck! Well before you judge I have 2 words for you...

nose. bleed.

bad lighting+long lens+camera that doesn't handle high ISO well= grainsville.

If you're local and you want to see Natalie perform she will be dancing in the Ostrich Festival Parade tomorrow at 10am in Chandler. The parade route starts at Ray Road and Arizona Avenue, proceeds south on Arizona Avenue to Chicago St.

That being said I had better get off to bed. We have to be there 2 hours early which means we're getting up mighty early my friends :)


Oh P.S.- per the title... we stopped at Jack in the box on the way home and got our 14 free tacos the suns won us by scoring atleast 99 points :)

I did not eat one.