Saturday, July 31, 2010

The faces of Vogue

Pretty foxy eh?

I got some fantastic old { not quite vintage, but almost } VOGUE patterns the other day for a whopping 75% off

*the crowd goes wild*

ok so "almost vintage" might be stretching it a bit. The truth is I've got an IMAX ticket more vintage than that dress pattern.

Wednesday April 3, 1996 @ 7pm Mystery of the Maya and The living Sea

Quite riveting on the big screen I am sure! And I am positive Chad's extensive collection of Garbage Pail kids is at least as vintage if not more vintage than the lovely dainty delicates pattern. With a copyright of 1986 it's a real toss up!

I suspect I shall be up to my ears in fun times before I know it.

I couldn't be happier about it :) !!

and for tomorrow??...

glad you asked, off to Newport Beach

*and again the crowd goes wild*

followed by a moment of cricketty silence...

cheerio my friends, cheerio.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The sound of the waves whilst lying in bed...

is as amazing as you might imagine!

I'm just going to get it out now because I know you're gonna ask...

Yes it was cold as can be at the beach in July! How dare it!

but we managed. { huddle. huddle. shiver. shiver. }

this is My little sister and her cute little family.

Dad and mom. They look cold don't they?

Kassidy took over the camera from time to time.... She wants to be a photographer to someday... something about pet grooming/portraits... yeah ok I may have put it in her head but she wants to be a vet and she loves animals, you see how that could be bad for her? animals dying all over the place!?..?!! (possible slight exaggeration) Fluff and style... that more like it right? and what better time to get a pet portrait than when your beloved fido has just had a spa day!!

ok so i am fairly certain you were just dying for a close up. 0% chance I'm gonna let you down!

Tantalizing eh? She's has in interesting "eye". Don't worry i spared you the fish with its bum ripped off.

you're welcome ;-)

I can't help but notice how my dear loved ones pretend I'm just some random crazy fool. Pay her no attention and maybe she'll go away :)

haha... NEVER!!

That is what the shakes at Ruby's will do to you. Makes you all giddy and whatnot!! One shake = enough for two. keep that in mind when you go.

We found a field of yummy u-pick strawberries. I think the kiddos really liked filling the buckets.

My sweet little nieces... Paige and Kallie. She's looking eager!!

I guess this is what Lennon meant by strawberry fields forever. I had never seen a strawberry field before! We don't have these an Arizona. Saguaros though... yep. Got those!!!

this beach house my dad rented was BEAUTIFUL! It was the BMW of beach houses for sure! Chad and I stayed in the pearl room. Seriously we were so spoiled!

Lucy and Savannah playing out on the lower balcony.

Skies so gray...

Some of us were brave enough to play in the water.

actually pretty much everyone but me :)

and the squirrels... they hid in the rocks.

Kassidy is a polar bear I've decided.

Chad is dedicated to learning to surf. I saw him get sorta up-ish... a couple times. Next time though, that's when it's gonna happen for sure. oh btw... next time is in about a week. Some super cool friends invited us to spend a few days with them in Newport beach!!!!! *squeals with excitement* Yeah we're party animals haha!!

Pray for sunshine in CA!!

My Rad Dad.

The Boys.

The girls. ( Surely you see why Lucy is so divine to photograph don't you?! )

Does your dad do this? haha. my rad dad again!!

I know you want to smooch those squishy little cheeks! This is my darling niece Mia. She likes me alot.

Lori taking charge of the sand castle building!! Looks like it coming along nicely. Not as nice as these peoples though. (It's not our fault, we didn't know you could hire professional sand castle builders to teach you how to build the kind of sand castles that make it onto the pages of magazines. P.S. - I follow Nicole's blog faithfully. She rocks photography and shes funny. Thats all the reasons I need :)

We briefly met up with some friends that were there coincidently! Kassidy and Olivia had fun prancing on the beach together.

This is one of my favorite shot from our fabulous week. It's one of those "I took this while walking it shoulda been trash but alas it's dear to my heart" photos. Crazy how those ones happen sometimes.

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us on such an awesome memorable vacation!

I know that I am so super late posting this but I seem to have developed a case of carpal tunnel... ouch! Makes it just a little miserable to edit photos like that!

Anybody know what to do about carpal tunnel??

sales... and unicorns :)

I swore I'd never do this.

Buy Matilda Jane, that is.

Why on earth would I spent 4 times as much on something I am quite capable of making myself?!


Apparently "I brake for sales" or "I break for sales" ... you choose.

you gotta admit those socks make you giddy with delight don't they!

{ note to self: remember to sew pretty lace to delightfully fun knee socks }

The skirt is way too big, but she doesn't seem to mind it swiveling around her hips.

Ok fine... i love Matilda Jane. (even though I could totally make equally cute things for a quarter the price)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My kind of fun

Remember that summer photog group I wanted to start?

yes... well I had just the right amount of interest and voila!!

Can I just tell you how elated this makes me?!?! very. Thanks to Kim and Troy and Amy and Mendy and Tara for wanting to do this!! Oh and not to leave out our coolio guest members Rhonda and DeAnn (out-of-towners)!!

We had a group shoot Thursday morning... we got to meet Rhonda (our friend from Georgia... not to brag but I actually already knew Rhonda ;)

Anyhoo... it was bloody hot. We are in AZ after all! I was dripping sweat, pretty sure everyone else was too! Even sweet Natty. I hired her to be our model for the morning.

Five buck and a slupree was all it took. (I think she's raised her rates since then)

She did awesome. Talk about a trooper. She didn't complain once! (so not kidding) She is fabulous :)

Here are some of my shots...

I'm so proud of my group! Every single person got some amazing shots, I'd love to share some with you but they aren't mine to share. There is this one Rhonda took that i just adore... She hasn't even posted it to our group wall yet but oh if she'll give me permission I will for sure post it here! (hehe... we worked on it at my house so I have it saved on my computer to enjoy)

If you missed the post about the photography group and are interested in doing this I am considering doing one for fall as well.

Hope you like :) !!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sky Was whitish-gray.

Miss me much??

The girl: Miss Lu
The place: the park with the swings... not slides
The mood: jolly and carefree
Off in the distance: the pier
The sky: stark white!

Vacation is splendid. That is where I've been off to these days.

Oceanside, CA to be exact.

I think I will love to tell you all about things like:

holes... and the squirrels that live in them; not so hot tubs; my eyes + sea air = something magical; parks with slides... not swings; holy bathrooms of doom; milkshakes at Ruby's; strawberry fields forever; pads that start with i, and I want one bad; moody skies; double decker balconies; machine gun laughs; sharks on sticks; sand sand and more sand... seems fitting for a sandstrom family vacation... don't you think?

and if it so happens that I don't tell you all that, well I will at least post some photos. Their worth a thousand words a piece!

but for now... slumber sweet slumber :)