Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tar Chair

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I always knew it was you.

I think most people in my life know about how a silly freshman girl once fell in love with a boy she didn't know at all.

Today as we were driving down Elliott, flipping through the stations we landed on elton johns "Rocketman"

C: I can't believe your mom hates Elton John

J: she does?

C: you told me that.

J: You know my memory is worthless. I mean really if she told me that 3 years ago, and then I told you that, you might remember but of course I would not. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. but there is something I DO remember...


C: what??

J: *big big grin*


J: I don't want to say.... it's your birthday.

C: "the look"

J: I remember Bro Massey. He said you have a bad attitude
.'s a little inside info... it's long standing that when Chad is being a terd, I 99% of the time shoot back with

"Bro. Massey was right! You do have a bad attitude!"

coincidently we happened to be driving right by Gilbert High School...

C: and it all happened right here.

J: Yes it did! I remember the exact room in that there seminary building! In fact i remember exactly where we were sitting! What Bro. Massey didn't know is at that moment I fell in love with you just a little bit more!

I mean really, you get called into the teachers office to be told you have a bad attitude! haha... then you come out and sit down and without a care at all, announce that he just told you that you have a bad attitude.

You love, are what my dreams are made of.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nothing clever comes to mind.

I'm supposed to be sleeping right now. Chad's looking at me like I'm crazy. Tomorrow is his birthday and as usual he is itching to bust out the snowboards, which means we have to wake up super duper early. I am not an early riser. I looked at the weather for tomorrow...

not impressed.

sadly I'm a sucker and will end up going anyway even if it kills us both. Hate to see his b-day wish not come true.

I just really really wanted to get some more hawaii up before its the oldest news ever.

So this is day 2. We are in Oahu and the Dole Pineapple plantation. That was the first stop on a long list of things to do that day.

This is my dad. He's lots and lots of fun. I think this picture speaks for itself :) hi dad!

This is Lucy she is also lots and lots of fun, but in more of a bossy fingers up the nose kind of way! hehe...

The girls waiting for the Pineapple express

and this is the Pineapple express. It took us one a little tour of the plantation filling us with interesting tid bits of info.

none of which i can remember.

Before we left for Hawaii a friend told me of a little bakery we just HAD to stop at on our way up to north shore.

She didn't say it was the littlest shack of a place that we'd probably pass because if you blinked you would miss it.

Chad was the only one not blinking at the very moment we passed it. good eye Chad!

That's right. We passed it. But per the high recommendation we turned around and went back to it.

it was very good. A must for sure!

after that we stopped at Sunset beach.

This was the most beautiful beach ever. Sadly this is also the beach we had the least amount of time to soak in. The water was so blue and the waves were... wavy looking?? some of the waves at the other beaches were kinda weak. This is where the surfers hang out :) so yeah nice big waves.

You think I'm lying to you by the looks of these pictures but i swear Im not. I do have some photos of people surfing here, just kinda limited on time so I skipped it... maybe I will post later.

This gives me something to look forward to on my next visit

{ crossing my finger that there will be another one :) }

Mark my word... I will talk atleast one of my kids into getting married in the Hawaii temple. Start saving up, it will be a good worthwhile excuse to vacation here!

The temple is beautiful in and of itself but man the grounds are gorgeous as well! So glad we made time to stop here!

yeah yeah. everyone but me :)

next stop the PCC. (Polynesian Cultural Center) It was HOT. Hotter than hot. We needed these snowies badly.

they look top heavy you say? You want to know if they were tippy? Well yes I say! Indeed they were tippy!

Cold and fruity and yummy and tippy. It's all good.

Ukulele lesson.

kelly, you know I used to never be able to spell ukulele but that all changed when we were schooled in how to pronounce ukulele and come to find out its spelled exactly how its pronounced! who knew...


The kids did a little fishing with paper clips...

say wha????

yeah. You heard right. paperclips. They swear kids can catch fish with them, needless to say I wasn't surprised when we didn't catch a fish!!!

Also we made some fishies... it was our basket weaving lesson.

We learned alot here at the PCC! like something else I learned...

I'm not a big fan of Hawaiian food. Way too much purple on a plate for me. That root thing they eat, poi is it?

yeah yuck.

we did get some fantastic entertainment though.

The hula girls mesmerized my dad. He said so more than once. They were pretty amazing!

wish i had time to write more about it but as I mentioned before Chad is dragging me to Flagstaff tomorrow for some snowboarding bliss.

he's going to wake me up at 6ish. I hate 6ish.

wish me luck!

Friday, December 25, 2009

<3 and joy

we had a...




Hope you all did too!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peace on Earth...

Goodwill toward men... in the form of candy.

In pretty dishes.

That came from Goodwill. One of my very favorite stores!

The dishes came from Goodwill, not the candy.

don't worry, I scrubbed the dickens out of these babies!

I am in no way ready for Christmas. Shopping not done, presents not wrapped, and under no circumstance may we get a family photo of ourselves this year. I tried. Oh how i tried. And so consequently no Christmas cards will be sent out this year... same as last.

but one thing I can see me finishing is my holiday candy in pretty little dishes just as I had imagined way back in summer when I started my collection of candy dishes.

Now obviously i don't have enough for every single person i love and adore. The assigning of these will be the hardest part. I had to debate whether or not to even post this... trust me I still love you.

I suppose I'm being a bit selfish as well... for the above dish I cannot part with.

What is it about that swirly sparkly Avon goodness that I can't let go of ?

well anyhow, there you have it. The one thing I have done this season. They will be filled with english toffee, homemade marshmallows and hopefully if the kids don't nab them all before they get packed... fresh gingersnaps!


Merry Christmas all!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last one ( i think)

I have some more beautiful people to show you. Oh Jennifer you have the most lovely home!

You all should have seen it! Her halls are so beautifully decked! ... and the gardens (a.k.a yard) oh my gosh. Splendid

This is Jennifer, and also my favorite of all her photos.

Does that not just look like bliss?

Cornbread recipe is on its way!

thank you Jennifer! xo, JILL

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it is.

one day not too long ago my sister told me my kitchen table looked like something she had see at a city park. all graffitied up and whatnot. She's right you know. That is exactly what my kitchen table looks like. My kids are the tag team.

You can see what she means in this photo of Lucy enjoying a light mid-sunday snack.

Lucy radiates precious soul. the name lucy means { light }

it's true you know. She is a little light in the bleak.

also a while back I used to make cornbread alot. This went on for months. I do have the best recipe ever and well I'm not one to ignore food-like greatness. So we ate alot of cornbread and it was good.

except for that which stuck with me.

I said to my mama... mom, I think all this cornbread is making me chubby.

her gentle response... ever heard of corn fed?


haha. Thanks mom that's just what i needed to hear.

and cornbread was no more at my house... except for sometimes. but almost never.

And what was the point of this post?

nada, I was just bored!

p.s.~ Do you like Weezer?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fabulous peOpLE

I am being totally lazy tonight.

two families. One post.

firstly kathryns sweet family. I thought it was so cute that they brought Sadie along (see cute doggie below)

I love Kathryn because she ALWAYS believes in me and tells me so in no uncertain terms!


This is where I switch over to Mrs. Rhonda's kiddo's.

{ If you actually clicked that link please note: you may have to scroll past some freezer foods, toes, disheveledness, and possible some undies on the kitchen table before you get to Mrs. Rhonda. }

just remember it's all part of the adventure!

You've got some adorable kiddos there Mrs. Rhonda! It's amazing what a little cookie break can do eh?

...all part of the adventure!