Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lavish yourself in the season of yum-berries

I just got home from Costco where I stocked up on fresh berries! There is no season greater than berry season.

Last Sunday I decided to embark on a crepe making adventure. I can't be sure why I have never desired to make crepes before but I have to think it must in some way be connected to a cruise I went on as a teenager where they served crepes... which were disgusting. So bad.

Stacey do you remember those? We went to the midnight party they were having? Ate a bite of crepe? Swore it off hence forth?!

Anyhoo mine were not disgusting.

They were heavenly :)

I think *not being an expert on crepes* that this is probably not the traditional way to serve crepes. This was more of a fresh berry crepe torte and I want to help you recreate it... if you so desire :)

I'm not going to put the crepe recipe on here because I think probably any crepe recipe will do. Mine was a little long and involved. If you don't have a recipe you like email me and I will be glad to send it. NOTE: remember the words long and involved before emailing. But good yes!

So you'll need to make my special Blueberry Blackberry sauce-a-lopogus. Based off of a Martha Stewart recipe I have. Anytime I have to make more than two changes to a recipe in order for it to be acceptable, I rename it and call it my own.

very simple. You will love it.

You will also want to make some Creme Fraiche. Pronounced { krehm FRESH }

ATTENTION: this needs to be started 24 hours in advance. (just thought I'd give you the heads upon that so you don't get half way through and realize you should have started yesterday) (believe me, I know how that goes!!!!)

(just now noticing my font is making the #1 look semi like the #2. please note : it is 1 cup to 2 tbsp. thx!)

P.S.- they do sell Creme Fraiche at gourmet supermarkets such as A.J.'s Fine Foods. I have full confidence you can make it though considering the directions consist of letting it sit on your counter for a day :)

To the creme fraiche I want you to add 3tbsp. of powdered sugar and 1/2 a tsp. of vanilla. Whisk together.

Oh yes. You can add fresh sliced strawberries to the layers if you want. I mean I did it and it was not regrettable in the least. In fact opposite!

So as torts usually go...

Start with a crepe. Spread your Blueberry Blackberry Sauce-a-lopogus on it. Add another crepe. Spread with your sweetened creme fraiche. Continue layering in this manner till you're torte is about 10 crepes high. Finish with a crepe on top. Add fresh berries for garnish and drizzle with creme fraiche.

Then prepare to die...

of heavenly love.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Have you seen the movie "The Blob"'s real, and it's SCARY!

I feel like the blob.

Lately I just kind of roll from one place to another. No real movement required.

So in an effort to remedy this situation, I packed up my Lu in her stroller this morning and went walking. Fastly. With small bouts of jogging involved.

I hated it.

I purposely left my ipod at home so my brain would be free to get its act together and come up with a genius idea. Really any idea would have sufficed. Do you know how hard it is to think when your 4 year old is blabbering on and on, asking you questions you can't begin to answer because honestly, you just don't know who lives in every single house in the neighborhood?!

yep. yep.

There was a few things my brain managed to muster up. 10 to be exact.

Jill's Top Ten

Reasons why walking/jogging stinks the big one, especially when the sun is out.

10. I am out of sunblock.

9. It is better to be flappy and white than wrinkled up like a prune melting on the sidewalk.

8. You know that gipped off feeling you get when you buy a bag of skittles and more than 58% of them are yellow and green? thats how walking/jogging makes me feel.


6. Especially my ears.

5. When I jog I become too keenly aware of the junk in my trunk. (bad for self-esteem)

4. Also I have bad form.

3. and giant feet.

2. with really skinny ankles.

1. Which makes me look ridiculous in 'good' running/walking shoes


Told you so!

The lady at the shoe store told me how amazingly comfortable these shoes are. Here's the thing... clunky will never equal comfortable! Plus they look like man shoes. Dressing like a man ended for me in the 90's ok people! I can't go back! I won't do it!!!!

I swear I trip over my feet in these. It's embarrassing really. I should stick to walking after the sun goes down.

Anybody want to walk at night with me?


Are those crickets I hear?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stingy is as stingy does

I finished up with my photography class just in time to sign up for the summer class!

I guess you could say I'm addicted :)

Actually I wasn't planning on taking the summer class. I mean really... do I want to be somewhere by 8:00 AM four days a week during summer? Heck no. I want to be lazy as the day is long (and you KNOW they're longer during summer)

The plan was to take 290 in fall with my current teacher Mr. Mulno, who has been so great by the way, but no. All plans came to a screeching swirl of confusion and disappointment as he announced that the summer class will be his last class at Chandler Gilbert Community College. He is off to teach the lucky students of University of San Diego.

So if you have been wanting to take a photography class at CGCC I suggest you get crackin on that! Like post haste.

Well anyway, yesterday we had our critique on our final projects. I have pretty consistently photographed my children throughout the semester. It really came as no surprise to anyone that I chose that as my final project. When I laid all the photographs out to see what I had, it was almost like I could separate them into two distinct projects. I had eighteen prints, I whittled it down to fourteen that would be shown.

and I am showing you five.

Because I am stingy.

Do you adore that doll house as much as I do? It didn't always belong to us. I saw it sitting outside my parent's neighbors house. I wondered if they were throwing it away. THEY WERE! The man who lived there explained that they were moving and they had a garage sale earlier that day, but couldn't bear to put it out and sell it for $5.00 *insert gasp here* in front of his wife's father who made it by hand for their children. Can you believe it?!?! Me either. When we drove up with a car full of little girls he asked if we would like it.

Uh... try LOVE it!

This is classic win win.

I got the dollhouse I was lusting after. He got to feel good about sending it off to a home filled with little girls.

I only wish I knew where they moved to. I would love to send them a print.

And those masks!! Natalie and her friends made them. They were having plays out on the lawn. She is my most crafty kid. I immediately fell in love. I couldn't help but use them in a photograph. The one of Lucy standing with a mask on, my teacher referred to as 'amazing'. it's true.

I have it in writing :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For all you COCO LOCO{s}

Yes, I am speaking to all you crazy locals of G-town.

There's something kind of wonderful happening in Gilbert and I want to tell you about it so you can join me in supporting it as much as possible!!!

Do you like ART?

me too. like ALOT. (especially photography)

do you like how I put that in parentheses as if you didn't know? me too. I'm hilarious.

There's this place I've been hearing about for months now.

It's called Art Intersection.

Honestly for all the hearing about this place I haven't paid it nearly enough attention. We all make stupid mistakes sometimes right? yes, yes I thought so. I think there was a part of me that thought it was this mythical place where artists go to dream. Yeah, because for as many times as I've driven through downtown Gilbert I have never actually seen this mythical place of beauty.

Rumor has it they have a wet darkroom there.

It took getting an email from my fall semester teacher, Mr. Williams to get me to actually look for it online.

Yep. It's there. Darkroom and all. I feel so sheepish. And guess where!!! It's right where my kids old dance studio used to be. And that would explain why I never saw it.

Art Intersection is more than just a little intriguing. Not only do they have a darkroom but they have classes! And not just for you but they have classes for kids too! not just photography classes lots of crafty little classes.

I hope Mr. Williams doesn't mind me grabbing a line from his email and sharing it with you...

"Carol Panaro-Smith at Art Intersection teaches workshops with her partner Jim Hajicek who used to be the 19th century guru at ASU. Maybe they offer something that would interest you."

uhhh ya think??!!!! Yeah, that is why I finally looked it up :)

oh and you're gonna laugh when you hear this...

Last month I entered some of my photographs in a little contest we were having at school to have work displayed at Art Intersection. (still didn't look it up)

Totally won. (still didn't look it up)

HAHA! seriously right? let me rephrase 'totally won' because that was worded mainly for effect.

Three of my photographs were chosen to humbly hang with some of my fellow students work in the show... 'Through the Viewfinder: Works by CGCC Students and Faculty' from May 18- June 30.

I considered posting the three chosen photographs but then what are the chances I can get you out there to see them in real life? Not good. Thats what I thought. So no, if you want to see you must come bring your human body parts including your pretty eye balls over to art intersection.

Don't worry, I am SURE I will remind you ;)

So just to recap these are the things you should do...

check out their website.
follow their blog.
like them on Facebook.
enjoy their tweets.
sign yourself up for some classes.
sign your kids up for some classes.
come see my pretty photographs in the show from May 18- June 30.

got all that?

Don't forget to tell all your friends and neighbors about it too. Who knew Gilbert was going to get all artsy on us? Let's keep this place around!!!!!

you're the best! thanks.

<3 Jill

Friday, May 6, 2011

overlook | looking over

The semester is winding down. I was happy to have a break from the usual get up at 6 am, out the door by 7:30. Drop the kid off at grandma's house, smell like chemicals for the rest of the day routine.

I mean its fun but breaks are nice too.

Yesterday me and Lucy went with my class to the phoenix Art Museum. I was surprised she wanted to go with me so bad. Though I know it was partly because she wanted to see the 'blob' for herself... tell ya later. Still I couldn't resist such a sweet little girl begging to experience art!

We explored the dickens out of that place and then near the very end unexpectedly came upon what I like to call the hall of glorious light.

and so we played a little longer...

then I made a bad movie to share with you :)

and by bad I mean low res. - no skills.

Saturday I will be spending all day in the darkroom finishing up my final project.

Should be loads of fun.