Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I have really good ideas.

We did something a little out of the ordinary this year for Christmas. 

I had such a magnificent plan.  (Chad would disagree on the magnificent part)

Poor little Kassidy hates her room. The walls are pink. PINK I tell you!!

We would spend all of Christmas eve painting over the pink walls kassidy so detested and surprise her on Christmas morning with pretty new bedding and walls. 

If we were going to pull off this surprise we were going to have to be a little sneaky. 

Soooooooo... we spent the night at grandma's house.

Yep, late at night we loaded up our sleigh and hauled everything over to granny's.  Except the walls... they were drying. Huge thanks to mom and dad for keeping the girls busy all day while we worked :)

By 2am I was rethinking the brightness of my magnificent plan... also Chad wanted to kill me.

And even though it was a ton of work, I didn't get to see my kids much, Chad wanted to kill me, and we got almost no sleep...

it was worth it.  

I am positively positive that this will be one of the kids most favorite Christmas memories :)

and Kassidy's room looks amazing... when its clean.

btw, have you ever seen such a huge-normous fake Christmas tree in your whole entire life?!!

me neither.

If you scroll back up to the top and take a look at the first picture again, I'd like to point out the horse that lucy is holding, it was a Christmas present from her sweet sister Natalie. Natalie is my crafty kid. She made that out of socks. (seven to be exact) It's actually really cute. 

... incase you wondered where all the matches to your socks are, consider that you too may be living with such a crafty child ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Somebody informed me that today is December first.

(blink blink)


I'd like to express my general feeling on the matter as described below.

and this.

November? Helloo... hellooooo.

where did you go?