Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Poi pu to Ke'e beach!

or in other words a lovely drive up the east coast of Kauai!

I realize this first photo isn't all that special but I thought you might like to see the tunnel of trees... through a dirty windshield from the back seat is the only way I could really show you. Isn't that cool??

Sure wish we had time to hike down to a few waterfalls. That would have been amazing. This was the first waterfall we stopped to look at :)

We ate at a little place called "Tropical Taco". It was pretty dang good. As opposed to "Puka dogs" Which makes you want to puke-a. Hot dogs with coconut sauce? Blech! Pass me the Ketchup. Except don't because per my facebook status I've gone half vegan.

{ tell ya later what brought that on }

There was this truck we were driving behind, it was loaded up with surfer dudes and boards. They stopped suddenly in the middle of the road and one of them jumped out with his surfboard... exactly how you imagine when dreaming of what it's like in Hawaii. Couldn't resist the urge to snap a picture of this guy. He screams Hawaii!

Though one thing I bet you don't think about when dreaming of Hawaii is wild chickens! Chad used to have this shirt (in fact I bet we still have it somewhere, I can't imagine getting rid of it) anyway it was this shirt that had a picture of a dog wearing a sombrero, the caption on it read...

leashes? We don't need no stinkin leashes!

He got it in mexico. I've heard theres tons of dogs roaming the streets of mexico.

Kauai has a similar issue except instead of dogs its chickens! And Lucy loved to chase them!!

( the tour guide for our zip line adventure said they're not so good to eat... tough and chewy I hear )

All the way up as nothernly as you can drive in Kauai, you will come to a beach called Ke'e...

There are things here I thought only existed in cartoons and storybooks.

Tarzan style vines! Thick and long and strong enough to swing on! I was in total amazement!

Did you know that was real? Am I the only one that didn't know??

In Kauai they have along the northwest side of the island some cliffs known as the Na pali coast. We were supposed to take a helicopter ride the next day to see them but it was cancelled due to weather conditions. Luckily I snapped this photo of them as seen from Ke'e beach. They look amazing. There are no roads there so you have to see them via helicopter, a boat, or you can hike into them. I would LOVE to hike into them someday!!

My dad's outfit cracks me up here! Sorry dad it's just the tropical shirt + the camo shorts + the scrunchie socks + the tennis shoes (at the beach!) haha!!


I think I took like a thousand photos of this sunset. It was the best I've ever seen! So beautiful! I just loved watching the sky just keep changing colors till finally the sun was gone!

I love you Kauai! Even if you are the wettest place on earth, atleast you have sunshine to go with!