Monday, February 1, 2010

SNOW: throw. lick. frolic.

This is so confusing I know.

Beach... snow... Beach again.

Yep you heard me. Oceanside beach coming next { I promise ❤ }

I keep thinking life will settle down. So far it just keeps coming at me faster than I can keep up! Saturday we went to the NAU game to watch Natalie dance in the halftime show. Love to watch her dance. Don't tell the NAU cheerleaders, but they were just one upped by 5 year olds!!! haha. I know Natalie is 9 but there are 5 years old on her team too and wow these girls are really something to watch!

oh yeah and we figured we'd frolic in the snow whilst there.

one of my favorite images of the day! Natalie's time in the snow was extremely limited due to her rehearsal schedule so I was thankful to get this one picture of her I just adore :) you Natty!!

We don't see snow around here all that often but I'm pretty sure we know what to do with it when we do!

pack it. aim it. chuck it.

Chad seems especially pleased with himself. The poor kids really had no chance.


aww now thats not nice Chad!

Note: snowball about to slide down into Lucy's shirt...

Way to go Lu... I think the pouty lip worked. Check out the size of the snowball he make for lucy to get him back with! NICE, eh?

Mostly we know about sand angles but every now and again we sneak in a snow angel.

My kids think you're supposed to eat the snow. Lucy ate the most. She tried all the flavors. the white, the brown, the...

haha you thought i was going to say yellow! No, but she did eat some of the dirty stuff :)

I think they must have learned that from Chad because when we got home he found a bottle of cotton candy shave ice flavoring and thought it a splendid idea to bring it along next time.

can someone please teach my family how to build a snowman? If your wondering what the little wad of snow is on the first one...

it's an ear.

haha! We're awesome!

we came

we froze

we photo'd

I call that sucess :)

{ this photo is from a week ago when Chad convinced me I wasn't hitting my snowboarding quota }

he was right... I could really use some practice!