Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lipgloss hair and WIND.

Today has just been one of those weirdo days. You know the ones I mean?

like for example...

at first my hair was going the normal mundane way it usually falls...

But it's chilly today and I spotted a hat on the floor where it didn't belong. I could have put it away but instead placed it on my head.

hours later i find myself needing some things from the grocery store. Bottles of water and fresh milk. ( I smelled the milk before I left and found it smelled too milky... i don't like that)

Wouldn't want people to think I'm crazy coming in the store with a big silly wooly hat and so I take it off.

and then my hair was going the other way. I tried to make it go back, but it insisted!

hat head I guess.

Stepping out of the car I find it to be far more windy than expected. And guess which direction my hair is going now?!

All directions at once. Pretty neato. Good thing i didn't want to look silly in the store. Taking that hat off really helped :)

and also as I was sitting on the bathroom counter attempting to dry the bottoms of my pants with a blow dryer for the second time today... I was reminded of something.

Something from my childhood. Made me laugh a little to think of it. It's so insane.

We used to have this little red playhouse on our side yard. Once when it was cold and rainy (much like it was today) my sisters and I fetched an extension cord, hooked it to a blow dryer and plugged it in... through the rain we carried the blow dryer into the little red playhouse. It was our heater.


No matter what I do the bottoms of my pants keep getting wet. This started Saturday at the reunion, it is now Thursday.

I just want dry pants!!! Is that so wrong?

That cake is just waiting for Stacey to come sit on it.

Top 10 reasons :

(I haven't got Wendy's wedding posted or started my photog blog or done anything else really)

10. We're remodeling the girls rooms.

9. constant stream of photo editing.

8. Got sick, lost voice, gained 2 pink eyes.

7. Laundry that just won't quit.

6. I can't remember the names of those photog books I wanted to read. (blasted memory)

5. ran out of cookie inspiration.

4. dance dance and more dance. Hooray for dance!

3. staring blankly at computer.

2. Lucy needs a drink (again)

and the number 1 reason...

1. Spending waaay too much time blow drying the bottoms of my pants


if I say "cheerio" is that British or Canadian?

P.S. ~ I heard on facebook theres a tornado watch for Scottsdale. I get all my news from FB.

P.S.S ~ I thought we didn't get tornados here??