Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it is.

one day not too long ago my sister told me my kitchen table looked like something she had see at a city park. all graffitied up and whatnot. She's right you know. That is exactly what my kitchen table looks like. My kids are the tag team.

You can see what she means in this photo of Lucy enjoying a light mid-sunday snack.

Lucy radiates precious soul. the name lucy means { light }

it's true you know. She is a little light in the bleak.

also a while back I used to make cornbread alot. This went on for months. I do have the best recipe ever and well I'm not one to ignore food-like greatness. So we ate alot of cornbread and it was good.

except for that which stuck with me.

I said to my mama... mom, I think all this cornbread is making me chubby.

her gentle response... ever heard of corn fed?


haha. Thanks mom that's just what i needed to hear.

and cornbread was no more at my house... except for sometimes. but almost never.

And what was the point of this post?

nada, I was just bored!

p.s.~ Do you like Weezer?