Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peace on Earth...

Goodwill toward men... in the form of candy.

In pretty dishes.

That came from Goodwill. One of my very favorite stores!

The dishes came from Goodwill, not the candy.

don't worry, I scrubbed the dickens out of these babies!

I am in no way ready for Christmas. Shopping not done, presents not wrapped, and under no circumstance may we get a family photo of ourselves this year. I tried. Oh how i tried. And so consequently no Christmas cards will be sent out this year... same as last.

but one thing I can see me finishing is my holiday candy in pretty little dishes just as I had imagined way back in summer when I started my collection of candy dishes.

Now obviously i don't have enough for every single person i love and adore. The assigning of these will be the hardest part. I had to debate whether or not to even post this... trust me I still love you.

I suppose I'm being a bit selfish as well... for the above dish I cannot part with.

What is it about that swirly sparkly Avon goodness that I can't let go of ?

well anyhow, there you have it. The one thing I have done this season. They will be filled with english toffee, homemade marshmallows and hopefully if the kids don't nab them all before they get packed... fresh gingersnaps!


Merry Christmas all!