Wednesday, September 16, 2009


No i did not drop off the face of the earth!

But I have been really busy. I have a surprise for you. I'm not telling you about it right now because right now i have some really important random business to discuss with you.

Ok first I noticed how lame i've been at blogging lately.

Then i noticed this...

and i thought to myself... I bet my blog buddies would like to take a little gander in my freezer.

was I right?

also... I painted my toe nails red. And also they do not match my flip flops.

but then Natalie walked in with my crazy <3 glasses. So I figured you'd probably want to see that too. Because

1. She has crazy hair.

2. She's cute even with crazy hair.

3. my house is a dump and I want the world to know.

4. anyone that wants to come repaint my house with me is my new BFF.

breakfast + undies = goodtimes.

I got Lucy some new undes,she's so excited she takes them everywhere she goes. Well just that one day she did. Most of them are clean. Probably.

I bet Mrs. Rhonda thought she was safe by now. Nope!

This is Mrs. Rhonda. I decided it would be a worthy cause to sign Lu up for preschool.

She LOVES it :)

I love to see her get so excited on preschool day. She gets all full of bouncies and I'm almost sure shes gonna burst with excitement. And she loves Mrs. Rhonda. I hear her telling Kassidy and Natalie things about her all day long.

But i really do have a surprise for you.

no. I'm not pregnant :) thank you very much.