Monday, December 7, 2009

Timed just right.

This is the first of many photoshoots I will be posting!! (unless photobucket shuts me down again) which I'm pretty sure IS going to happen.

Oh and I'm not even close to done posting hawaii... just can't seem to get to it. Maybe i can make it my new years resolution. Except i already had one in mind.

theres no rules against having more than one right? excellent :)

Did you notice my snow? It's snowing on my blog! { thanks to Megan }

This is the Smith family. A photographers dream.

If a pictures worth a thousand words then heres 11,000 to keep you busy.

{ she said her hubby wasn't a smiler... I think I've proved my point :) }

are these girls not so gorgeous?

Thank you brandee, it was a pleasure meeting (and capturing) your beautiful family!