Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I always knew it was you.

I think most people in my life know about how a silly freshman girl once fell in love with a boy she didn't know at all.

Today as we were driving down Elliott, flipping through the stations we landed on elton johns "Rocketman"

C: I can't believe your mom hates Elton John

J: she does?

C: you told me that.

J: You know my memory is worthless. I mean really if she told me that 3 years ago, and then I told you that, you might remember but of course I would not. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. but there is something I DO remember...


C: what??

J: *big big grin*


J: I don't want to say.... it's your birthday.

C: "the look"

J: I remember Bro Massey. He said you have a bad attitude
.'s a little inside info... it's long standing that when Chad is being a terd, I 99% of the time shoot back with

"Bro. Massey was right! You do have a bad attitude!"

coincidently we happened to be driving right by Gilbert High School...

C: and it all happened right here.

J: Yes it did! I remember the exact room in that there seminary building! In fact i remember exactly where we were sitting! What Bro. Massey didn't know is at that moment I fell in love with you just a little bit more!

I mean really, you get called into the teachers office to be told you have a bad attitude! haha... then you come out and sit down and without a care at all, announce that he just told you that you have a bad attitude.

You love, are what my dreams are made of.