Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sharing a few glimpses...

364 days of sunshine. gorgeous sunsets. beach parties { by the pool } kids in brightly colored swimwear all sticky with sugar dripping down their chin in every color of the rainbow. Saguaro cacti. geckos on the walls. the smell of the desert after the rain! (it's amazing)


except when you turn my car into an oven, and then i have to get in it and bake to death. But even then I still mostly love you :)

Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Sunday, February 7th

{ find beauty in the puddles of mud }

I don't know if I've ever shared this one thing that always sits in my mind as I photograph and look at other's photographs. It's one of the very reasons I adore photos so much.

it's a glimpse.

A split second is all it is, and yet all you need.

Have you ever really thought about it? it's a moment in time. Somewhere on earth someone captured something you weren't there to see for yourself. (or perhaps you were there and its now a fond memory)

Thanks to someone I get to see this one moment in my mothers life. I get to see just how she looked that one day. I get to see the old fashioned car she sat on. I get to see her pretty little dress. I get to see how she looks like shes singing as she folds her paper. I can see the light shining off the front fender.

and here, I get to see her little family all dressed up for church. I can see How the wind is blowing Grandma's hair all crazy. I can see those funny little ties the boys wore and how lovely my mom and her sister looked in those adorable hats! And that they wore hats at all! And I can see how there's one son missing from the picture, and I think I can see a bit of sadness in Grandma's face because of it. And boy didn't grandpa ever look snappy in a suit!

What a gift! True treasures these glimpses are!

here is a glimpse of a tree that probably means nothing to you and that you may never see except for this one little glimpse I have shared with you!

Never stop photoing. You never know who will be treasuring them 100 years down the road!