Saturday, September 6, 2008

Heirloom Treasure!

Ahhh the sweet relief of almost done! I know, I know it looks done but sadly it's not. Just a few buttons and a little embroidery and then thankfully it will finally be done. And just in the nick of time too. This is the dress I decided to make for Natalie's baptism. I have a love triangle going on in my life. Sewing, cooking, and photography. I feel like I'm OK at all of them but I would like to be really really super exquisitely awesome at something someday, so sometimes I feel like I'm going to have to choose one and roll with it. Never look back...

For now I am enjoying the drama of the love triangle!

Natalie is such a funny girl. Ever since she was real little she loved to wear my little sister's baptism dress around. It was Little House on the Prairie meets the 80's. Still, it was cute that she loved it so much! I saw the pattern for this dress online at and I said to myself "Wow, that looks like the dress Natty's dreams are made of "! And so it began!

Such a dainty treasure! You know what makes a ginormous project like this all worth it? Everything! It was fun for me to learn heirloom sewing and Natalie loves it as much as I knew she would. She's already talking about how her children will want to wear it for their baptism. Jokes on her when she has all boys! Ha! Swoop on seven... we can't keep up this girl streak forever you know! (it's a pretty well know fact that my family has mastered the art of making girls) It's like we have a sign up on our club house saying "NO BOYS ALLOWED!" (can't last right??)

And what would a dress so exquisite be without a frilly little slip to go with?

To my dear sweet Nats... you're worth it all!