Monday, March 9, 2009

It's not just the gamma...

Did I ever mention how much I love my mac? I can't even tell you how beautifully it displays photographs. You won't understand unless you see it for yourself.

Theres this little phenomenon called gamma. I learned about this when I was playing around with CS4. Oh and when I say learned, I mean it was brought to my attention and yet I still do not know what to do about it. What I gather from my gamma reading is that my photographs, displayed so lovely on my mac monitor, are displaying dark on the rest of the worlds monitor.

Which makes me sad. So I used my little gamma slider to make these photo's a little brighter for all the world to see. Basically this is my feeble {at best} attempt at helping the world see this mac-a-liciously :)

NOTE: not gonna work...
(refer to title of post)

So if you're on a lovely wonderful awesome mac and these are too bright... I know! It sucks but what can I do? But hey look on the bright side *snicker snicker* (bright side, bright photos... you get it right?) At least you have the pleasure of owning a mac! (and even so... these still look better on a mac) Did I mention how much I love my mac??

I wasn't sure if I had done a proper photoshoot in this little dress. I used that same Tina Givens pattern "The Little Goddess Dress" . Seriously LOVE that pattern!

I am *considering* doing a giveaway next month, in which this dress may be up for grabs :)


These are taken at my mom and dad's house, the very one I grew up in. I find it to be quite lovely. But an interesting thing is happening as we speak!

I'ts getting remodeled! Which is kinda exciting and also little sad at the same time. I think it's kinda like how I feel about my current house... I want to sell it, and yet I don't. Because it's pretty small, so it would be really nice to move up... have a bit more space... and in the very same thought I feel like I would miss it. It's our first house! So many wonderful memories here :) Same goes for my parent house. I'm glad they're just remodeling though because the thought of selling it makes me really sad. But all that sentimental stuff being said I think the result will be awesome! They are going all out!!

The economy thanks them for being so brave.

Isn't this so true to life?? Everybody wants a piece of whatever grandma's got!

I figured I would throw in some pictures of the construction (which is further along that this even though these were taken only a few days ago!) for those of you that can't just hop on over because you live somewhere like... oh i dunno, Utah or something!

This is Lucy in the pool!

This is my cute m&d in the pool.

Chad was there just this morning and said the tile is no more...

Perhaps one of my favorite new additions... the french doors :)

I will totally be posting pictures of the end result! So stay tuned...