Saturday, March 28, 2009

Color Me Tomato

Well hello there darling.

welcome to the abode :)

Such a pretty sitty.

Gosh... I've been feeling super busy. It's a good busy but also a nerve racking busy. You see my amazing friends, I have been hooked into a cake once again. Due to be delivered April 16th. It shall be quite lovely if it comes out anything how I imagine it. Dots and ribbons and pretty things...

BUT ~ my oh my how it stresses me out.

Also I would like to mention that I have found the most darling patterns! They are "Oliver + S" and I am really excited to get going on them!

And I am sorry to say that even though I would love more than anything to get a little sewing group together to make some easter dresses, alas I cannot.

Cake on the brain... if you know what I mean.

But feel free to acquire some of these cute patterns and perhaps we can get something going after the cake is delivered.

I got my patterns from beebee mod . They were great! I got free shipping AND a little surprise with my order... no guarantees but mine came with a bag of remnants.

Who doesn't like surprises!