Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Dear Lori,
It's happened again. You would think at some point that this would stop happening to me... but alas, here we are. I wonder, though... what is it about Paula Dorf Magic stick #2 that is so irresistable? Is it the smell? Surely that plays a part, for how else would it be sniffed out so easily! But no thats not it...

Maybe its the way it sticks to each teensy little taste bud as its creamy texture is is being swathed around in that chubby little mouth of hers...

I personally think it must be the sleek black container, standing so stellar and inviting. Love at first sight... everytime! And if it's timed just right maybe even within reach.

Not a single usable smudge left for me! I look down the barrel and I know... it's over. Not for the first time of course... No, this is incident #6. How could I lose this game 6 times in a row?

(she finds herself alone, There's many lovely things... all too cheap for her tastebuds. "Mascara", no thats to easily replaced. "eyelash curler?", not useful at all. "perfume?", smelly but in a good way and far too easy to clean up! aha! "Paula Dorf Magic stick #2, my absolute favorite!")

So Lori I beg you, do you have any other Ideas for covering my dark circles? I can't buy any more Paula Dorf. At $20 a pop I am raising my white flag to call a truce. There must be something else. Please help.

Desperatly Yours,
Big Sis