Thursday, October 30, 2008

State Fair!

First ride of the night! An all time favorite, the euroslide...

Poor Lu was a little too short for most of the rides. She would give me the saddest little look every time Kass and Nats took off for another ride she couldn't go on. There was an area for the little kids but Lu is a daredevil and she wanted to go on ALL the rides!

San Tan Indian Fry Bread is THE place to go for fry bread. Sure there's many other fry bread places at the fair... but none as yummy as San Tan!

I didn't want to bring my nice camera to the fair so I dug up my old "point and shoot"... yeah... these aren't the best pictures. I forgot how to use that thing. I was like, hmmm how do you see what you're taking a picture of?? I could only find a card that would hold 16 pictures so I didn't get a whole lot.

Finally a ride Lucy could go on that the other girls were too heavy for!

Lucy was dying to ride a pony. You had to be 60 pounds or less to ride. She loved it. I had to walk with her incase she bailed or something... yeah right, more like I had to tear her off with every ounce of strength I had when the ride was over!

(I love how they hung that western scene in the background lit with a fluorescent light... nice touch!)

Ok so you know the fair has everything you can imagine deep fried right? We saw deep fried macaroni, snickers, cheesecake, but check this out... deep fried burrito?

Hello!... Chimichanga! I think they went al little overboard with the deep fried thing.

We checked out the animals... the girls got to pet some rabbits they had out. Lu was loving that!

Lucy and Savannah took time out to play ring-around-the-rosies! They are so stinkin cute!

Kassidy was so sweet to take Lucy on this ride. For some reason no one wanted to go on this particular baby ride...but she agreed to it. (with a little persuasion)

This last picture is a ride I went on with my dad. See my feet way up there?? Didn't think so!

They called this one Tango... I called it crotch buster! Man we got on there and it was like a really hard seat that was like a bicycle seat but you had to hang there while they finished loading all the other yay-hoos up. OUCH! I was trying to stand on my tippy toes and lift my legs up... bottom line this ride was a really wild crotch busting ride! It was fun in a vomitty sort of way. Seriously though... it was fun... painfully fun.

Love the fair!

Sorry you couldn't make it Chad... Stace... and Mom!