Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Very Reason For October

I am so excited for tonight! We have a little tradition in our family called The State Fair! I know more than a couple people who won't go to the fair because of the rough crowd it draws, but let me tell you they are missing out! Where else are you going to get a taste of the best indian fry bread anywhere to be found?? Right?

Things I'm looking foward to at the fair tonight-

• Riding the zipper

• Looking at all the prize winning animals

• Watching my kids feed the stinky petting zoo animals

• Eating a wide conglomeration of food including but not limited to... Indian fry bread, cotton candy, fudge, corn-on-the-cob, onion rings, a gigantic pickle and fresh squoze lemonade... ah yeah!

• cruising the exhibit hall. love that!

• Buying some hunk of junk at the above listed

• testing out the porch swings

• Hanging out with my lil sister

• Riding the scary mouse rollercoaster that makes you think its going to fall off the track at any moment... probably is one of these days!

• Watching my kids con my dad out of all kinds of $ for rides and various doodads... (I used to hate that one, but now it's like tradition..gotta love tradition right?)

• And what would the fair be without all those smells I can't get enough of! So I'm taking a deep breath and breathing it ALL in. (except in the restrooms, they can be pretty bad in there)

I can't wait, but...

I am going to miss Chad this year. He always goes and this year he can't... I really really am going to miss him.

And what does all this have to do with those cute pictures of Lulu??