Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enjoyed By The Bushel

Whew I feel better now! Spent all day yesterday planting. I'm not done yet but it sure is looking better. Flowers make me happy. It's so nice to sit amongst them. When I designed my backyard I made sure to include plenty of planters so I could surround myself with all kinds or yummy flowers. And the spring before last we redid our front yard (to some extent) to include a fountain/garden area, then hung a porch swing so we could sit and enjoy it. And enjoy it we will!!

For homeschool yesterday Kassidy's assignment was to prepare the area under the lemon tree for planting, then using what we had, arrange the flower pleasingly underneath. I thought she did a pretty good job. She did tall purple flowers in the back with short yellow flowers in front with a few small purples in the very front. Homeschool rocks right? Ok that wasn't her only assignment, she also had to re-write a book report on "Call of the Wild". Oh and she planted some more flowers from seed. I'm not getting my hopes up for those though. Seriously doubt they will see even one more drop of water. Poor little seeds.

Miss Lucy Emma Jane, striking her pouty pose.

Let's face it, I don't need an excuse to post pictures. I just Love my Lu.

It's almost time to plant bulbs. My personal favorite! Bulbs are so darn easy to grow. I plant them between my annuals and then come February my yard is popping with color and sweet scents! My favorite is the tulip. Actually that really is my all time favorite flower of all. Only thing is tulips will only come up once, you have to buy new bulbs every year. But I have had very good luck getting hyacinth and freesia to just keep popping up year after year. Oh and paperwhites! Also I have these little purple guys that always come up but I can't remember what they are called. So buy them once and enjoy them year after year! Just be careful when planting annuals afterwords, I have dug many a bulb up and its ok as long as you didn't gouge its heart out while you were at it!