Thursday, October 23, 2008

Many Sites To See

My dad and his big plans! This was the morning after the broken back incident... He had planned this big hike for us. He said it was so easy and everyone could go including Lucy. Ok I thought, sounds awesome! So we went... he had names for all the different sites we would happen upon (due to his disappearance the previous morning, scoping it out) The first was "Big Hump". As we embark upon our journey we easily scaled the steep wall of big hump, well all except for Lucy. Chad had to carry her up it. He's tough though he can manage!

Next you will see Chad's feeble attempts at making fun of my gleeful bounding about atop "Big Hump". Much to his dismay I found it spontaneous and joyful... I knew he could feel free spirited if he would just let loose and feel the moment sweep him away.

Shortly after Chad's awakening we came to a shoe print...

My dad claims it as his shoe print... I didn't see it happen so I can't say for sure how it got there but it did look about the right size.

Next stop was "The Mysterious Black Hole"

I find that holes in the rock are pretty mysterious... I mean really, how DID that get there??? That's just the kind of thing that could really put a damper in my whole "lets bring a toboggan to Lake Powell" plan.

Even Lulu braved the Mysterious Black Hole!

Almost immediately after that we came to our next stop "Big Tadpole Pond". Boy oh boy did the kids love that! Someone should of told Natalie to hang on tight to her camera...

That's too bad. Does it still work you ask?? Uh no. Ok it seems like it would work but we cant get the lens cover to open. Yes, Natalie is very sad.

But no time to dwell. Off to the "Prickly Pear Forest". It was sandy. With prickly pears all about. Not my favorite part but if we skipped that then how would we ever make it to...

"Blue Camp"

As we rounded the corner of a nearby wash we were greeted with a "welcome to blue camp" (in unison of course) and a smile... that was nice.

Apparenty this one gets it's name from all the blue trash the last guests left behind...

Just past blue camp we came to "No Way Point". This is because there was a cliff dead ahead and there was no way we were jumping off that! Nor were we going to roll down it, or even make a human ladder and lower ourselves down... that would be weird.

But it wasn't completely a dead end, I mean there is always "Have Fun Slide" or "Half Fun Slide" as some referred to it. It was very steep but luckily once you get the sand going under your bum it's a pretty smooth ride! Kassidy cried the whole way down (she's my little chicken) I was a little worried about Chad sliding down with Lucy on his lap...

Yeah that was iffy.

But we were rewarded with "The Narrows"!

Serious fun for the whole family.

I failed to get a picture of the next place on the list, "Lone Paddle Draw". I wasn't paying attention I guess. I don't even remember seeing a lone paddle... but I do remember hearing others excitement as they pointed it out... Sorry no photo but I'm sure it was cool...

But I did get a picture of window rock... Ya dont' see that everyday!

Last but not least "The Be Careful Ledge". I was way behind at this point and when I got up there to see my little girls walking across this ledge so close to a steep drop, well my heart skipped a beat or two!

At some point I said to my dad, "You were going to bring mom on this hike?" and he admitted it might not have been his best plan (of course you know she couldn't make it because of her injury the day before) She would not have appreciated that hike too much! I think the "Have Fun Slide" would've been the "You're gonna get it when I get down there slide"!

This was Lu at the end of it. She was a tired little lady.

My dad is so cool. I love how he's always thinkin up fun adventures for us. Dad if you're reading this... You're the best! We loved the hike!