Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lake Powell

This was, I think, one of the best Lake Powell trips ever... with the exception of one major accident involving my mom, which I will mention later.

I love Lake Powell. I have been vacationing there almost every year since I was about 12! (thanks to my ma and pa) I thought we weren't going to get to go this year but opportunity came-a-knockin and I was definitely answering!

How beautiful is that?...

Ok so you're probably going to be thinking that we somehow escaped without our kids, no way! Well, I suppose in the case of these next few pictures we did escape in a way for an hour or two. Don't worry though, my next post will be chock full of the kiddos!

I saw a photo in a photography book that I read while I was there (thanks to wendy) a silhouette photo and I wanted to see if I could get a similar result...

If Chad was a tree it would be alot more like the photo but I thought it was pretty cool, so we tried another one...

Seriously this is not our second honeymoon or anything but I really really liked this one. I think it is about time for a second honeymoon now that I mention it...

It took a few tries to get the sun coming in just the right spot but I was thrilled to see that it worked so well!

Ok so what did we do all week?? Well the water was freezing so I wasn't about to get in. The weather was fantastic. The best is when the air is cool and the sun is warm and that is just how it was!

Hiking of course! (I also did my fair share of relaxing!)

bounding around gleefully. This is exactly how it looks... me having the time of my life!!

Smooching on the hubby...

So that book I read pretty much said that midday is not a good time for photo taking. Says its too contrasty and harsh... Maybe so in some cases but not in the case of the quirky shadow people.

I thought this was a little comical... all my kids sitting in the ER waiting room reading a magazine...

Kassidy reading "Cookie" (makes sense)
Natalie reading "Entertainment" (that girl)
Lulu reading "Runners" (yep, thats fitting)

You know that saying "Don't step on a crack or you'll break you mothers back"?? Yeah well it wasn't me thats all I know!

My poor sweet mom. She broke her back while we were there. I really didn't realize how possible it was to do that.

This is how it went. We were headed to the marina. No real reason just something to do. We all loaded in the ski boat, and believe me we didn't get very far (literally around the corner from our boat) before we crossed paths with a larger ski boat plowing a humongus wake... Well we were going a bit too fast for this particular size wake... up we went, and down with a bang... thats not all. One right after the other. So twice. My poor mom was up in the bow of the boat which is the killer seat in cases such as these. We could tell right away she wasn't ok. She had the wind knocked out of her and I wish that was the end of it but theres sadly more...

Well we didn't know what happened but we knew her back hurt really bad so we took her back to the boat. She pretty much couldn't move for the next two days. (still can't, thats just to say that the rest of her vacation wasn't too fun) In hindsite we probably should have packed it up and took her to the ER right then and there... we didn't know. She thought it was muscular or a bruised kidney or something, but as we would find out later it was a compression fracture in her back. (is that right? if one of my sisters knows better what its called please let me know)
I think my Dad feels responsible being the boat operator and all but really no one could have known the extent of the damage that one ginormous wake would cause. Were hoping the recovery will go well and there will be no lasting effects.

Why oh why did that have to happen?

One more picture for you. I took this one while we were waiting at the hospital. It's of a fountain with nature things floating in it... wait, is that a corn nut? ok Two nature things and a random corn nut, I guess... I actually don't know what it is but that's what it looks like to me. I liked this picture though... it reminds me of a painting. I think I could frame it and hang it up somewhere.