Thursday, October 2, 2008


8 years old. It happens, but where did the time go? My little Natty turned 8 today. I love how as soon as she opened her gifts it was off with the old and on with the new... right there in the middle of the family room!
Seen these pettyskirts? I bought this for her months ago, it was unbelievably hard not to give it to her early. (that's a first) This thing has photoshoot written all over it! I am so excited. In retrospect I suppose I should have gotten her a more colorful one. Hmmm... well oh well.

It was a crazy day. Crazy busy. I know I got problems when Chad has to make his own dinner while his parents are over visiting.

We had an accidental party. Lets call it a serendipitous occasion. Yes, many loved people showing up to show love for the birthday girl at or near that same time resulting in squeals of delight and sticky little fingers all around!

Probably had nothing to do with the cupcakes.

These were quite tasty. Mmmmm if it weren't for that "serendipitous occasion" I might even have some leftovers. Probably better that I don't, surely I would just eat them. It is my specialty after all. One of them anyway...

I had exactly one moment of blissful peace tonight. My Lucy moment. I usually "snuggle" with Lu before I put her to bed. Something I started long ago, and also something I missed out on with the other girls. I didn't know I was missing out... I didn't know. While it's always something I look forward to, never had it felt so good as tonight. On a normal night I tell her stories and sing her songs from nursery but tonight was different. We sat quietly. Nothingness. The release of a day. Too tired to talk. I had a billion thing running through my mind as usual (it's not that easy to shut that off!) I thought Lucy had fallen asleep but then the silence was broken all of a sudden...

"I love you sooo much mom, you're the best"

That's what I needed to hear.

And I got this little card from Natty. How cute is that? I got her stationary as a gift and she wasted no time thanking me for all her "grate presents". (and yummy cupcakes)...Makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone that showed love to Natalie today... and your welcome for the yummy cupcake.