Monday, October 20, 2008

October 11th 2008

Oh what a beautiful little lady. This is coming a little late. I think I got so overwhelmed with the fine details of this beautiful day that I just put it out of my mind for a bit. Natalie's baptism. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Natalie was so excited for this day. I couldn't even believe it. We were at costco the day before getting some food for the luncheon that was to follow the baptism and when we got to our car to load up she shouted, "Tomorrow I'm getting baptized!!" as she jumped for joy literally. Like it was Christmas or something!

I never did get the photoshoot I wanted... looks like I'm not going to either. These pictures are ok I suppose but I wanted some really spectacular ones and I just didn't feel like these were it. I tried twice and both times my time ran out and so did the sun. These are a little darker than I would have liked but lucky for me Natalie shines in any light.

There's something about Natalie that that must be said. This girl is a valiant spirit. She really is. She reads her scriptures in her free time. At night when I pull out "The Penderwicks" (our current bedtime story) she asks if she can read the scriptures while I just read to Kassidy... what mom would say no to that? It's true, I would love it if she listened to me read, but I have never been a good scripture reader and I am in total awe of her. Way to go Nats!

She tries hard to memorize the articles of faith. I love that she tries so hard.

When the bishop came by to talk to her before her baptism she really listened to what he said and she took it all to heart. She is so full of goodness.

This is one picture that I can embrace the lack of light. I love silhouette pictures! Not that it's 100% silhouette but what the heck I still really like it.

A girl and her dog... Ok it's not technically her dog, it's my moms dog (or Lori's maybe?) Anyway "Marley the dog" has always loved this girl. She follows her around everywhere she goes. I can remember when Nat's was just a tiny little thing in the summer... we would be swimming, and Marley would lick her ears... neck...cheeks... whatever she could reach when Natalie would get close enough to the edge for some kisses! BFF?

I am thankful every single day for this sweet girl. She's not without her issues but she truly is a kind person and a valiant spirit. I love her so much!