Friday, October 31, 2008


For halloween Lu and I were both "goth". Pretty funny huh. I'm not 100% up on the goth scene so I did the best I could. Actually Chad was goth too but I don't have a picture darn it! I wish you could see him in his tight net shirt. Truly a sight to behold!

It seems like every year I'm rushing to get the pumpkins carved in time for Halloween. This year is no exception! The kids got to bed late halloween eve. I thought they cleaned up their mess but about midnight I noticed a billion pumpkin seeds scattered about my porch and all over the grass. Guts slung across the door and stucco... an early nightmare I tell you.

Kassidy was Cleopatra... which she was last year as well, but in my defense it was HER idea to wear the same costume not mine!!

I loved this picture of her. She posed herself there with her little stuffed dog...I thought it looked like a Cleopatra pose, animal and all!

I can't post this without mentioning what happened earlier in the week. You know Kassidy is home schooled right? Well Wednesday she had an assignment. It was to write a goal she wanted to get done by Friday, and a small paragraph with the steps it would take to accomplish that goal. Her goal was to make her stuffed animal "Lyla" an angel costume.

My plan was to not mention this to her until the next week when I would say something to the effect of, "Did you get your goal done last week?"


"Ok lets write another goal and what do you think we have to do to actually accomplish our goal?"

HA! Jokes on me! She totally finished her goal (its hard to see the costume in the picture) Shame on me for expecting her to fail!! I was even telling my dad about my sneaky little plan on the way to the fair wednesday night.

Natalie was a witch! She was easy to please, got her a hat tights and a broom and she was happy!

Lovin the splits Nats!

Got so many good pictures of Lucy. I think I love striped tights!

Poor Lu couldn't understand why I kept making her hold a rose... eventually she just started eating it... i should have posted some of those pictures.

She looks possessed in this one. Thats what I like about it!

A few of me and Lulu together...

I seriously can't get enough of those striped tights! They are cuteski!! She couldn't quite grasp the arm warmers... she kept pushing them up her arm as far out of the way as possible!

I lit up all my candles... I love candles, but I always forget to light them. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for that kind of stuff!

View of my porch! Hi Lori!!

Let me add that my kids didn't even do very much trick-or-treating! I couldn't believe it! When I was a kid we lived for halloween! We ran from house to house. Apparently my kids get enough candy on a daily basis or something geez! I'm not complaining though, this way I don't have to secretly eat all their candy to save them from a future diabetes and obesity like I usually do.

Actually my good neighbors had a little cookout on their driveway... and a haunted porch that was so so fun my kids stayed ALL night.