Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful disaster

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture should give you a pretty good idea of how yesterday went...

At the end of the day I was finally able to look back on it all and laugh. This beautiful disaster of mine. A.K.A. party #2.(The first being the "serendipitous occasion" I spoke of earlier)


Natalie expresses to me that she's not feeling well as she sat near the toilet in the morning. "Great", I say... "get a barf bowl and get in the car!"

We had a clay class to get to, which I love that the kids are doing. So happens we didn't really have time to go to a class, but seeing as how I am not a money waster we went anyway... bad idea #1

We were almost there. I tell you, we were 3 seconds from parking the car when it happened. Went a little something like this...

N: "I think I'm going to barf"

mom: "Hold it in" ... seriously, I do know better!

N: "I can't"

mom: "Just hold it, were almost there"

N: "It's ok I have a bowl to barf in"

mom: "I don't want you to barf in the bowl...

(Natalie barfing)

mom:(finishing her sentence in disgust) ...I want you to barf outside!... crap"

Ok so I should have pulled over. It is my fault. I spent the whole hour Kassidy was in clay, cleaning out the car with paper towels. It was everywhere but in the bowl (per my request!) When the class was over Kassidy went to get in the car. She opens the door and says, "Wow, it looks like nothing happened!" Then she sat down... "but it doesn't smell like nothing happened!"

So we unrolled the windows and off we went. Next stop Party city... bad idea #2

Balloon are expensive! $7.99 a dozen to be exact. So what happens when you have a dozen balloons in a car, going 70 mph on the freeway with the windows open?

You end up with half of what you paid for! I can't imagine what the car behind us was thinking! Feeling bad for Natalie I got back in my stinky car and got her some more balloons (thank goodness for the dollar store!)

The cupcakes. (bad idea #3) You saw the picture. I've never made cupcakes in icecream cones before. This I will never do again! I was just trying to make them extra big and poofy, generously pouring batter almost to the top... don't make my mistake, it really just pours over the side and makes a huge mess.

Back in the smelly car! (I usually buy extras for occasions such as these, what was I thinking? the smell must have been making me delirious!)

I decided that I ought to take a shower. At least I would be clean. It was a good idea. After getting dressed I lay down on the floor in my dark room (our room is always dark because Chad works nights and sleeps during the day... hence the scary make-up job I'm usually sporting!) Chad was sleeping, or so I thought. He pokes his head over the side of the bed...

Chad: "Why are you laying on the floor?"

Me: "I don't want to get too comfortable or I may never get up... pause... the only thing that could make this day worse is if it rained."

Knowing it was almost time for the party I got up to brush my hair.

I hear water droplets... "Is that rain" I say? No, I just took a shower it's probably just dripping. No, it was rain!

Ok so it didn't rain long but, the fact that it rained at all... bad karma. that's what I kept telling myself. The party actually went really well. Natalie was so full of glee. After seeing how happy all this made her, I felt really bad for my bad attitude earlier in the day. I was grumpy for every single minute until the party started then it was somehow all ok.( I had 4 guest arrive early! what is that all about??) On to the good stuff...

I love how they got into this tight little circle of girls. It was so cute. I just brought the gifts out and they did the rest. So much giggling, I love it!

I bought these little farm animal banks for each kid to paint. I had just enough, it was a close one though! Natalie got a little excited and invited a few more friends than we planned on (without asking) I really had no idea who was invited. Got lucky on that one! They turned out so cute. What little artists!

And no party is complete without the famed pinata!

Katie, I have some bad news...

It's about the bat we borrowed...

It didn't make it... probably had something to do with my bad karma. I'm so sorry. I will have to owe you a new one. This picture is the last we saw of it in one piece!

Back to the cupcakes: I really have to say that after the second kid tossed her cupcake I thought those must be some yucky cupcakes... so we (me, my awesome cousin Wendy that was kind enough to stay and help out, and chad) tried them. Yep they were really gross! The cone part gets soggy and its tasteless so it's alot like eating soggy cardboard! And the cherry frosting was also not so good.

Note to self: icecream cone cupcakes. BAD!

Wendy, thanks for staying to help out. I didn't even ask you to, but I'm really glad you did! It was fun chatting with you and I really did appreciate the help!

Now to get ready for next Saturday's party... ho hum