Sunday, September 28, 2008

11 things I love about you

Yesterday was 11 years! I decided to post a wedding picture because I like it when others do that. I guess I'm just snoopy maybe. We aren't very good at celebrating. I think I have been stuck at home so many days of my life that when I try to think of fun things to do it's hard because I haven't had to think of things like that for... I dunno 11 years now?
We took the kids goofy golfing. That's how bad I am at thinking up fun things to do! Who takes their kids on their anniversary date? We do. Almost every year. I figure it's just until Kassidy is old enough to babysit. By the way golfland is NOT the ideal anniversary date, but it was for the kids benefit! Someday it will be just me and Chad, and I hope to have better plans by then. Wish me luck.

So... 11 things I love about chad, me and Chad, and being married

♥ I love the way Chad makes cringing faces at my singing in the car. It wouldn't be half as fun otherwise.

♥ I love that we sleep on the same side of the bed (too much info?)

♥ I love the way Chad will massage my feet even if their dirty, even though I won't touch his even if their clean.

♥ I love that Chad (wanter of nothing) is willing to pay $5o bucks per ticket for a reggae festival on a 115° day in a parking lot with no shade and stay there until midnight (with kids) just to see Ky-mani Marley.

♥ I love knowing there's definitely one person on earth that is rooting for me as much as I am.

♥ I love that Chad forces me to waste time watching movies with him when I really should be cleaning.

♥ I love that Chad prefers to hang out with me rather that anyone else. And vise-versa.

♥ I love to watch Chad play and giggle with the kids (something outsiders may never see)

♥ I love all the secrets we have with each other, and knowing we're taking them to the grave.

♥ I love that Chad humors me when it comes to all my crazy ideas. (I have a lot of ideas) He never shoots me down, even when he probably should.

♥ I love that we grow together and never apart, because we truly are best friends.