Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rolls and Rolls of Paper!

Some have asked so here it is...

My backdrop is just a 10 foot roll of paper. I got it from my dad so I'm not actually sure where to get stuff like this :) It works really well though. I need to make a stand for it though because taping it to the wall is presenting a couple different problems...

kids tripping over the roll.

footprints all over the paper in an area that is hard to slice off. (that would be such a huge waste of paper right?)

Lucy discovering the canvas of her dreams to color on!

I have several rolls. I've only tried the cream and the gray ones out so far. I think I like the gray... surprisingly!

A couple days ago I did a photoshoot of my adorable neighbor girl. I just had to post this one (here's to hoping Katie won't mind)

I loved this one. Believe me there are plenty of cute ones of her pretty little face! Here she showcases her twirling skills. I think I will put some of the other ones in my slideshow if I can get a model consent!

UPDATE! --- If you want to see more adorable Holly then click on "Katie" on my friends list and/or check out my slideshow!