Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 little delicate rolly-polly pigs

left to right: Kassidy's pig, Natalie's pig, lucy's pig.

I thought this was really sweet of my kids. A while back they discovered a little collection of pig figurines that belonged to Chad from his youth. For Father's day they all made him a pig out of clay to add to his collection. While taking this photo the head of lucy's fell off, I had to lick it and stick it back on. Relax people... I liked my finger, not the head ;)

If you knew someone had a pig collection you might think they really dig pigs, thats what I would think. People were always giving him pigs so it had to be, right?

Not actually. Come to find out someone gave him a pig thing-a-ma-jogger once and after that everyone always thought he had a thing for them. Snowball effect! I bet he mentioned wanting a pot belly pig once and whammo!

Pig collection!

p.s.- he even had a pig phone. It's true.