Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on the very last night.

It was so so hot.

Like drowning in sweat hot, but considering the spider situation I forced the sheet to swaddle itself around my body and occasionally over my head.

and as long as no one so much as touched me in the slightest I was ok.

and besides, the winds were fairly strong.

There was a storm coming.

Not that it mattered, it stormed to some degree every night we were there. Lake Powell.

The next thing we heard after slipping into sweet slumber was the voice of my mother following a loud crack of thunder.

'are you awake now' she said. I can only assume she was standing there trying to wake us minutes before. She was worried about us. We sleep on the top deck of the boat. It's cooler up there and who doesn't like falling asleep under the milky way?!

We had a lightning storm move in right on top of us. It was close. Chad grabbed Lu, and I picked up the bedding and headed down stairs. I went back up to get Kassidy. She was just lying there. I told her she needed to get up and move downstairs.

She argued with me. Can you believe it?

And then the biggest bolt of lightning I ever seen/heard/felt cracked through the sky and suddenly as if by magic she seemed to know what I was talking about. (She claims she was still asleep while I was talking to her, pshhhhah)

Once we were all downstairs safe and sound (well... as safe as you can feel sitting in a metal boat in a pool of water) I pulled out my camera. Chad hung around with me.

The great thing is, I didn't even see this bolt.

I hit the shutter, the sky lit up, hair stood on edge, and me and Chad busted through the screen door as fast as we could. In that exact order.

Funny how we thought we could out run lightning. ha! we're so rad.

Did I mention our rad-ness?

You wanna see something almost as nifty?

Have you ever seen a nose wrinkle up like that? haha!

It looks like a lion's nose.