Sunday, February 6, 2011

neither can be bought nor sold.

Please tell me if you can relate to this at all!

you're walking through goodwill. You see possibly the ugliest chair on earth. It is smothered with doggie hairs and the the handles have clearly been gnawed on for years. Not to mention it's just ugly.

You think to yourself... That dog probably died in this chair. I bet thats why someone got rid of it. I mean besides the obvious ugly factor.

But then you buy it.

Thats what happened to me.

I bought the ugliest chair on earth.

and oh how I wish I had taken a photo before I tore it apart. but I didn't.

this chair has been siting bare bones on my back patio for close to a year. or more than a year. I can't really remember.

I'd like to mention that I also failed to get a photo of it's bare boned-ness.

What you're about to lay eyes on is a chair that has been heavily worked on, though is in no way completed.


We worked on this till about midnight last night. I LOVE that Chad helps out. Ok he probably does most of the hard labor but we agreed long ago that we need each other for just about every project that goes down over here.

I usually have a pretty clear vision of what it should look like in the end. Chad puts it all together and makes it work. Sometimes I have to explain it to him like 1000 x's and draw a picture, which if you know me very well you know my drawings are barely decipherable. But he somehow gets it :) !!

details, details!

I wanted it to look homespun to some degree, that is why I hand stitched the corners. Also... I have no clue what I'm doing.

The original fabric was wrapped all the way around the bottom of the chair on every side. This being our first attempt at actually reupholstering ( please note: this ain't the first chair I've un-upholstered ;) we decided we should put it back the way it originally was.

butbutbut... I like the wood! Why can't the wood show?

It has staples in it.

I know, I like the staples.

it doesn't meet up nicely with the legs.

I see that and I am very accepting of it.

* best exec. decision ever made on this chair! *

and you know that black stuff under all your chairs and ottomans that your kids rip halfway off so it hangs and looks super dumb?

Do your kids do that?

Mine do. I hate it.

I wondered why it must be black. Wouldn't it be fun if it were surprisingly pretty underneath?

indeed it would.

This is what's going on the bottom. I know it doesn't match. it's not supposed to. Its a splash of unexpected gorgeous that you only get to see if you're lucky.

I know, Quirky huh.

Chad surprised me by admitting he LOVES what I chose for the bottom. Never thought this day would come. All this time I thought he hated fabric, which for a fabric addict like me it came as a huge blow. Turns out no, he just hates fabric stores :) !!!

And what chair would be complete without a pretty pillow to grace it. I have to tell you I am just in love with Anna Maria Horner's 'innocent crush' line. it is so so pretty and it comes in so many fabric types. Home dec, quilting weight, voile, and velveteen!

I opted for the velveteen!

once again Chad LOVED it. I swear it's like I don't even know who he is anymore... but I do so giddily approve!

one problem though...

my chair has no back. I'm not gonna lie. I'm stumped as to what to do.

I need help!

Who can help me?

I have a couple ideas I'm throwing around but I am not for certain what will work best.

We are currently accepting help from anyone who may be willing.

Pretty please :) !!

You don't want to see this baby head toward the dump any more than I do.

Was this blog just a long elaborate plea for help?

Why yes, yes it was :)

<3 Jill