Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coral Broccoli

I have been sick for a week now and boy am I tired of it. So this morning I decided I was going to go buy a bunch of fruits and veggies. Don't know if it will help but I'm pretty sure it couldn't hurt! So me and Kass tooled down to the Superstition Ranch Market to see what there was to see. And what a find we made! Yep it's green, it's knobby and it's whats for dinner! It's Coral Broccoli. I've never seen anything like it before so we decided we had to get it. I googled it to see what I could find out about it, turns out I couldn't find much other than it tastes just like broccoli. All I know is we're going to try it. So far the kids think it's pretty cool. Let's see if they still feel that way when I serve it up!

It reminds me of an email I got with pictures of square watermelons. Believe me, if I came across a square watermelon I would be snatching that up too!

I really like the Superstition Ranch Market. I go there when I really need to stock up. Its cheap cheap cheap and I find that alot of times it lasts longer than the stuff at the grocery store especially if it's in season. I have seen fruit there that looks like it's seen better days, but I skip right over that stuff.