Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet Apologies

If you happen to be on myspace with me then you may have read this post before. I re-posted for my own journaling purposes.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Letter from kass

I'm trying this new thing...when the kids get in trouble they have to write me a letter of apologie. Well today kassidy had to write me a letter. It had to be 60 words long. It was so cute I just had to post it. and it reads...

Der MoM,

mom I am so so so so so so so vary sorry I put vasulen on natalie's hed. I promes I wont disobay ever agen. Ille clen my room wen you tell me to and brush my teth. I can be a betr prson by beng kinde and I can donate close to por pepol they will be so happy

Love, Kassidy

I think these letters will be fun for them to try to read when they get older and something their children will enjoy as well