Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gone Phishin'

Eat more fish! I have this thing I do. I save it for when i don't want to think about dinner (which is alot of the time, hence we really do eat more fish) It's called, fish for dinner. Generic I know but it explains it well. I realized this might be something others would benefit from when one Friday night I had my good friend Tawna over and it was probably about 1 AM when I noticed I was starving. So i proceeded to make us some fish to eat. Did the usual thing, not thinking much of it. Then it happened... questions questions... What seasoning did you use? Is that the Tilapia from Costco? What was on the top of that... ok ok I get it. You want the recipe because it was so fast, so easy and so good.

Well here ya go!

Yes it's tilapia from Costco. This stuff is great because you don't thaw it out first. I avoid thawing things out because I hate it. To be very specific it's High Liner brand.

The seasoning I use is Weber brand "zesty lemon seasoning"

and the crunchy stuff up top is "panko" bread crumbs. You can find these in the asian isle. They are japanese style bread crumbs. My guess is that other bread crumbs would be good too, this is just what I use.

This takes 30 minutes to cook and no real prep time.

here's what you do...

first heat oven to 400, then I line the pan with foil because for some reason those zesty little lemon flecks are hard to scrub off!! Place frozen fish in pan. Drizzle with olive oil,(or butter if you're feeling a little naughty!) sprinkle with lemon seasoning, top off with bread crumbs and voila!!!! 30 minutes later you're eating good!

Oh wait, one more thing. If you have a lemon or lime wedge handy, squeeze it over the top. You won't be sorry. (lime is really better but sometimes lemon is all ya got)

And I personally like to slice fresh avocado over the top but I'm just a little crazy like that!

So I guess that was 2 more things. Oh well. Yummy-Healthy-Easy -do it!