Sunday, September 21, 2008

Full Moons & Onion Rings

Finally! We made it to the lake. Yeah It's late AZ! This is actually our first trip the the lake this year, which for us is not usual. We had the best time though. We had never been to Roosevelt Lake before so we thought we'd give it a shot. It was pretty cool. I liked this picture of see what she sees! I took so many pictures. I almost filled my whole card up. So get ready for alot of picture action!

Ok this next one is Lucy... let me explain. You see we do have a life jacket that fits her...just so happens we didn't bring it along, so we made due. Ok this is an unedited picture. I had my camera set to incandescent light so it turned it blue...but that's whats so awesome about it. Imagine the boat sunk...

When I saw this picture I thought it looked like an underwater picture. See how her hair floats? And it looks like the water is over her head. To me it does anyways. I put this in the keeper file.

Now you can see what I mean... way, way, way too big. Lucy was so funny. She kept saying, "faster, faster!" She loved the boat. And the tube!

She would watch everyone having fun on the tube and when the tubers (not potatoes!) would get on the boat she would get out of her seat and say, "My turn!" What a little sportsfan that girls is gonna be. So we gave in (despite the life jacket problem). You can see that she really loved it! Which brings us to Savannah...

What a little cutie pie. Don't you just love this picure of Savannah and Lori (my little sister) I love everything about it. Check out the cheekage!

My dad. Ultimate sportsfan. Mr. Adventure. Best dad ever. Goes by many names... Brent, Dad, Bert (mail typo-guess ya had to be there)Xavier, Dakota, Chad (this is not a joke! Check out his highschool yearbook if you don't believe me!)Did I forget any? Probably. Oh yes... and Cheerleader!

So as you can see he's a fun loving guy! I have to say that this man is everything I want to be. I'm sure I haven't shown sufficient gratitude for the awesome grandpa he is to my kids. He takes them on all kinds of adventures all the time. Including little trips to the park on hot days via boat... or surry, whatever they want. I'm sure I will eventually post a picture of the surry for those of you that have never heard of that! Little things like that mean alot and then there's bigger things such as the camping trip they just went on that I will probably write about later... so I don't forget. Like I said... the BEST dad ever!

See! 58 and still catching air! I pray to be as young as him at that age!

Kassidy sporting her new wetsuit. Doesn't she look cool in it? I was loving the sparklies in this one!

Whoah! Watch out! Full moon on the loose...

So you know we left the baby life jacket home. Guess what else we didn't bring her... Yep her swimming suit! Oops. And shoes. Minor details right? Well knowing Lucy (A.K.A.- natures child) she wouldnt have worn it long anyway. But this here is a cool picture so I'm not feeling too bad about my mistake.

I just have to mention one more thing... on the way home we stopped at this place in Miami (I think??) It was mexican food and it was really good. But the weird thing is that they served burgers and stuff too. I personally had a bean burrito and a side of onion rings. So if your in the Globe-Miami area and need some chow I recommend this place. You'll know your at the right place if the sign outside says "Whatever the name is - mexican food - burger house" Wishin I took a picutre for you!