Friday, September 26, 2008

♥ Babylegs ♥

I feel an obsession coming on... I do this sometimes. I get my sight set on something and there's really no stopping me. (a talent I should probably put to better use!) This time it's "Babylegs". These are the cutest little things. It's silly really, it's just leg warmers... whats to get all obsessed over? I don't know but they're stuck in my head! I'm sure it doesn't help that Lucy is always saying "where's babylegs?" She loves them too! So if you're on my Christmas list and you have a baby...

Beware the Babylegs! (I know. I'm a little insane)

Wednesday we got to go to Kassy's first strings concert ever. It was cool to see her up there. She looked really beautiful. I wish I took a picture of (just) her all dressed up. I was feeling a little crunched for time so somehow I missed it. but I did get this one of her just before the concert started.

I like that shes playing an instrument. On the way into the auditorium at Highland High the drummers were outside practicing. What a flash back to my HS years! I was a total band nerd. I think Chad was probably feeling the same way... especially since he was a drummer at Highland once upon a time. It was cool though and I'm glad she's developing some musical talent. (even if she won't be in marching band someday which was so so fun...oh the good old days) Band nerds rule!

I just remembered I had this Picture of Chad playing quads his sophomore year at Gilbert! Its a picture of a picture that was a little smaller than the size of a wallet so the quality is no good but still fun to look at! (for me anyways)